Rectangle Living Room Ideas for Your Home

5 Rectangle Living Room Ideas for Your Home

Your living room is the heart of your home. It should be cozy, comfortable, and laid-back, acting as a place to gather with your loved ones or hang out alone. Nice furniture, the right amount of lighting, and comfy sofas or recliners go a long way.

But did you know that the shape of your living room is a factor in how homely and welcoming it feels? Rectangular living room ideas are the perfect way to design spaces that your whole family will love.

Let’s take a look!

Living Room

1. Use Your Vertical Space

Think about incorporating elevated seating, such as a tall bookshelf on the back wall, to provide additional storage. Add area rugs that stand out, like a patterned shag or multi-colored abstract. Wall shelves and light fixtures can be hung to elongate the room and draw attention to the tall, spartan walls.

If you have a window, incorporate window treatments that utilize the room’s height and create an inviting, cozy atmosphere. If a sofa and chairs are going to take up physical space, consider getting a sectional and incorporating a chaise for additional seating.

2. Make Use of Your Corners

Place a tall plant in one corner for a pop of color and texture, or hang lightweight curtains to add height. Consider adding an armchair or loveseat in the corner and floating a console or café table nearby.

This area could double as an ideal spot for reading or relaxing. If you are short on storage, make use of the corner area as a corner shelf for books and accessories, or use hanging corner shelves for functional storage.

3. Create a Focal Point to Draw in the Eye

To create a focal point that draws the eye to a rectangular living room idea for a home, consider adding a statement piece, such as a unique piece of artwork or a bold accent chair, to draw attention toward the center of the room. Incorporate a large area rug to define the space and create a focal point.

Add comfort with several pillows or throws. Install recessed lighting above the feature piece to draw the eye up and create texture. The look of engineered hardwood floors also creates an attractive focal point, drawing attention away from potential flaws or distractions in the room.

4. Use Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture can be a great addition to a rectangular living room. The curves are inviting and offer a different aesthetic from traditional pieces. Rounded furniture can complement a room by creating an interesting contrast to the hard angles.

For example, a circular coffee table can easily be the centerpiece of a room while still respecting existing walls and furnishings. Additionally, rounded couches and chairs can be paired to create a cozy reading nook.

5. Center Your Key Pieces

When designing a living room, consider a setup that uses the walls to delineate different areas of the room. Place a large sofa set against the longest wall of the room. Add a decorative coffee table to the center of the seating space.

On the opposite wall, hang a flat-screen television for viewing and entertainment. Make sure to provide some light in the room with an overhead light fixture or lamps.

All About These Rectangular Living Room Ideas

These rectangular living room ideas offer countless possibilities to define and personalize your home. With a little creativity and some research, you can discover modern looks that will work perfectly in your beautiful living room.

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