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5 Roof Problems Many Homeowners Experience

Worth over 56 billion dollars, the roofing industry plays a large part in keeping a property safe! After all, if your roof is worse for wear, it can impact eh health and safety of your home.

However, many first-time homeowners may not know what problems can plague roofs. However, staying aware of these issues is an ideal way to protect your property.

If you’re unsure what the most common roof problems homeowners face, you’ll want to keep reading. This will help keep you informed and on the lookout for issues that can cause expensive damage to your property.

1. Leaks

One of the most common issues that homeowners will face is a leaky roof. However, because this is so common, there is an abundance of reasons your roof is leaking!

Most commonly, damage or improper installation is a contributing factor to leaks, as this allows water to enter your home.

However, you may not always see water trickling down your walls. You’ll need to be aware of the other signs, which include water stains, mold growth, or a mildew smell. You’ll want to check your attic first, as this is the most common place to notice leaks.

However, you’ll need to call roofing contractors to inspect the area, as it can be challenging to diagnose the issue if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. The professional can identify the cause of the leak before remedying it to keep your home in prime condition.

2. Broken Shingles

Another common roofing issue you may find affecting your home is broken roof shingles. This is largely dependent on the age of your roof and the climate in your location.

Though ideal due to their durability and appearance, asphalt shingles are not indestructible! The elements can wear them down over time, leaving them susceptible to wear and damage.

Most commonly, hail can impact the lifespan of asphalt shingles as they damage the surface by removing the granules or breaking the surface of the shingle. This can lead to water filtering through.

Similarly, shingles can break due to high winds, which can cause roof issues. If necessary, you can purchase individual shingles to replace small areas yourself. However, if the problem is extensive, you should call a professional.

Similarly, your shingles can warp due to extreme cold. For example, when snow or frosts affects your shingles, as it thaws, the material can expand and lift. This allows water to slip underneath, so ensuring your shingles are up to standard is vital.

3. Pooling Water

Another significant issue that can plague your roof is standing water. Though this most commonly affects flat roofing, if it persists, it can be a substantial issue. Typically, this occurs due to poor design, so ensuring you have a solution is crucial.

Not only does standing water weaken the integrity of your roof, but it can also be a breeding ground for insects and pests. This means you’ll need to call both a roofing expert and an exterminator if left untreated!

Generally, water is expected to stand on roofs twelve to thirsty six hours after rainfall. Water that lasts longer is indicative of a roof with poor drainage.

If you find that water is pooling on your roof, this means your drainage system isn’t working properly. Installing a roof drainage system is crucial to keeping your roof safe.

4. Poor Ventilation

When your roof is installed, the contractor will need to ensure there is proper ventilation for your home.

Improper roof ventilation can be a recipe for disaster, as it will increase the amount of heat in your attic, which can damage your items and increase your utility bill. Similarly, it can cause excess moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Instead, ensuring that the ventilation is up to standard is crucial to protecting your home. Ensuring you have the correct number of vents and fans and that they are all properly installed and sealed can help you combat this issue.

If you notice cracks, poor foam sealant installation, or a lack of vents or fans, calling a roofing professional can help assess the issue and remedy the problem.

5. Improperly Installed Flashing

If you have fixtures on your roof, like chimneys or skylights, the sealants around them are called flashing. Flashing is used to keep the elements out and ensure that your fixtures are installed properly.

However, many contractors will rush through this process, leaving the flashing improperly installed. This can be a nightmare!

Generally, cracks and gaping can occur on the flashing material, which leaves your roof susceptible to water deterioration and the fixtures becoming damaged.

To ensure you have the highest quality of installation for your roof, you’ll need to find and hire a reputable company. To do this, you’ll want to ask friends and family for referrals, check online reviews, and schedule consultations.

Ensuring you choose a good business when installing or repairing a roof can help you avoid issues later down the road, as your roof will be installed properly from the start.

Keep an Eye Out for These Roof Problems

Though it’s often out of sight and out of mind, your roof is an integral part of the structure of your home. Ensuring it’s functioning correctly and in prime condition is crucial to keeping the rest of your house in shape.

If you’re ready to ensure your home stands the test of time, thanks to this guide on the most common roof problems, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more of the best home and real estate tips and tricks.

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