Small Kraft Boxes

Small Kraft Boxes for Solving Big Packaging Problems

There are many small products like key chains, mugs, lockets, rings, etc., that require some type of suitable packaging. For packing these products, you need small-sized packaging boxes that fulfill their packaging requirements. Small-sized Kraft boxes can be excellent for these small products. 

Usually, the packaging of these products goes straight to the trashcans once they are opened. So, using eco-friendly packaging for these products can be very beneficial. If you don’t know what Kraft is, it is a packaging material made from highly recyclable chemical pulp. Therefore, the material is a fantastic option and a great change from the usual packaging boxes. 

These boxes have a nice brown color that has a unique vibe of its own. Besides, the plain or lightly printed Kraft boxes can be a nice change from the usual cardboard packaging boxes. Thus, you can use these boxes and take a break from the usual packaging options. 

Small Kraft boxes can of many different styles, sizes, and shapes. For instance, these boxes can be sliders, mailers, tuck-ends, two-piece boxes, and many other types of packaging. So, there is a whole variety of styles you can have for your product packaging. 

Kraft – A nature-friendly packaging 

Kraft material has been a lot in the spotlight recently because of its eco-friendly nature. The problem of waste disposal is now often highlighted because of the heaps of trash in dumping stations, and much of it is damaging the ecosystem of our oceans. The problem with other packaging types is that they are only recyclable to small extents, so with them, the heaps of trash will keep on growing. 

The Kraft counterparts for the other packaging materials are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable at the same time. Therefore, these boxes are an excellent product packaging. These packaging boxes are even better for smaller products as these products are manufactured in bulk. 

Apart from the recyclable nature, another advantage of these boxes is that they are biodegradable and safe. Thus, even if these boxes reach nature, they won’t damage it but would eventually become a part of it. 

So, using small Kraft boxes can help you in a number of ways for almost anything that can fit inside them. As people are getting more and more environment-conscious, Kraft boxes are getting famous. Many big brands are switching to these boxes. From how things are going, Kraft boxes are going to be a worldwide packaging trend soon. 

One marketing edge you can get over your competitors by using these boxes is that your brand can have an eco-friendly reputation. It may not sound like something very special, but it can be a really big thing from the customers’ perspective. Such a Green reputation can make your product more special for the customers and help you get more sales. 

The brown outlook and limited customization options do not mean these boxes can not be appealing and attractive. There is still a lot you can do with the options you already have. 

Custom Kraft Small Boxes 

You can do a lot of things when you have custom packaging. The variety of options and customizations is the main reason why many people get personalized packaging for their brand. There are two types of customizations you can go with: making customizations and printing customizations. 

Packaging making customizations generally include a choice of style of boxes, custom dimensions, and customizations like die-cut windows. By using these options, you can have a sturdy and presentable packaging that does the job for you.

The printing customizations allow you to add nice details to your packaging. There are not many options you get as in the cardboard, but you can still add a decent amount of details to the packaging. You add your logos, taglines, product descriptions, patterns, and some other things to your packaging. 

Signature Packaging

You may have noticed that a lot of brands in the market have their signature packaging boxes. These boxes are a nice representation of a brand. With proper branding, these boxes can be a great means of getting brand recognition. Such boxes are becoming something of a standard of retail brands. You can also have such personalized boxes. All the customization and packaging making options for you to select. 

There are many things you can do with these useful Kraft boxes. These boxes are all-rounder packaging that have you covered in all the departments. So, they are a wise choice that can benefit you greatly.

If you are looking for custom Kraft boxes with all the design options and customizations of your choice, you can get the best boxes at affordable prices from Impressionville. The company has a lot of experience in the field and has the expertise of making all your designs. So, contact us today for your wholesale small Kraft boxes.

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