Carpet Tiles

Some of the Reasons to Settle with Carpet Tiles

When it comes to choosing a flooring option for your house or commercial establishment, you always want the flooring to last longer with minimal maintenance. This is where Carpet Tiles excel as it is durable and demands very minimal maintenance. Also known as modular tiles, the Carpet Tile is gaining immense popularity these days as the best flooring option both for homes and commercial buildings. Many homeowners believe that flooring interiors are only restricted to the wall to wall broadloom carpets, but the matter of fact is that there are a variety of designs, colors, and patterns available in Carpet Tile and you can even find the Linear Carpet Tiles. This flooring option can add some drama and warmth to your room which is otherwise boring. You will be amazed to know that a small piece of carpet tile can do wonders in transforming your entire living space.

Available in Several Designs and Colour Schemes

Carpet Tiles in India are available in a variety of designs and sizes and you will find much awesome color combination and eye-popping patterns in Carpet Tile. The options for color schemes and patterns are endless and you are likely to get spoilt with a wide range of choices. You will find them in endless combinations and possibilities to create an aura for an amazing look. This gives you the option to mix and match the tiles as per your preferences and decor of the house. You will find long Carpet Planks of 25cm by 100cm or in squares of 50cm by 50cm by 60cm by 60cm. You also have the option to choose the installation process as per your need to create a placement style for the Carpet Tile. This placement style option would include Ashlar, Quarter Turn, Brick and Herringbone.

Easy Installation      

Because of its easy installation process, the Carpet Tile is quite popular today in both institutional and commercial buildings. Any office room floor can be converted easily into Carpet Tiles in a matter of 2-3 hours without the wet renovation works or cleaning. The wall to wall carpets are quite bulky and cumbersome to handle, but the Carpet Tile comes in smaller sizes which makes it easier for transporting and installing. Installation of Carpet Tiles can be done easily without any skillful labor or specialized equipment.

Unlike wall to wall carpets, you don’t need any underlay for the Carpet Tile and this makes it really easier for installation and this also minimizes the overall installation time. The Carpet Tile can also be installed in areas where broadloom carpets can’t reach. They are available in modular sizes and it comes packed in cartoon boxes which make it easier for handling and storing in storeroom and job sites without damaging.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement

Carpet Tiles are becoming the most common type of flooring for any home today because it is easy to maintain and can be replaced if damaged. If you find any spills on the tiles, then it can be replaced easily. They are not only easy for installation, but you can also replace or remove them easily. If one single spot is damaged in the tiles, you can replace it with a new one without having to replace the entire flooring. The stained or soiled pieces can be replaced with the new one. Most of the tiles are low pile so it traps less dirt and they are easy to clean too.

You can remove and reuse them if they are still in a condition to be reused. They are a good flooring option for homes and institutions because if you stain one single spot, you are not required to remove the entire carpet.

Wellness Benefits

It is in trend to create a conducive working environment and home today. You will see that many public areas of healthcare and education spaces and modern offices and homes are using the eco-friendly tiles. There are some tiles that are being awarded and certified as a green flooring option.

The Carpet Tiles with backing can also offer several acoustic benefits as compared to laminated floorings and vinyl flooring which are necessary for co-working spaces and concept offices. This modular tile is the best option for commercial spaces and living areas with heavy footfalls as it improvises the acoustics of the room while keeping the noise level down from heavy footsteps. So, all these factors make carpet tile good flooring options for all modern office spaces and residential buildings.

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