Stress in College Students

Stress in College Students: Coping with College Anxiety

Stress is common in teenagers in college. Young adults are at more risk of developing anxiety and depression. For students to cope with college anxiety, they need to understand different reasons and their effects on physical and mental health. Here is a brief overview of stress in college students, its major reasons, and how they can cope with it.

Stress in College Student: 

College students are vulnerable to depression and anxiety in a unique way. Executive director of The JED Foundation, an organization that works on improvement of college students’ mental health, Courtney Knowles believes that average age to be exposed to a mental health disorder is between 12 to 24 years. More than 70 percent of individuals will start having symptoms of anxiety before the age of 25 years.

American college health association said, in its 2018 survey report, that more than 60 percent of college students felt anxiety and depression in the past year. Around 23 percent of the students are diagnosed and treated for anxiety in the same year.

The new environment of college and immature age both adds up to expose the college student to the risk of mental health issues. Students’ failure to cope with the change at such a young age makes them susceptible to depression and anxiety.

Why College Students are stressed?

Change brings opportunities for success and threats of failure along with it. The same goes for the students who make it to a college after school graduation. The excitement of a new environment in college brings new experiences and unforeseen opportunities and threats. These unforeseen challenges and adjustments in a new environment create a palpable pressure. This stress can add up with time and students tend to develop anxiety due to this. To avoid this problems before they become bigger, every of us need to have a rest. So that, sometimes it is better to ast for a help like write my paper for me.

Another important factor to mention here that causes the stress is independence and the responsibility it brings during college years. In college, a student has to plan, execute, and manage his/her life independently. Living away from home and pressure to make the correct decision during tough situations can cause anxiety that leads to depression.

Academic performance, College expenditure, part-time job to meet expenses, and peer pressure are the few other reasons to mention.

Coping With Anxiety in College:

One important thing to cope with anxiety for college students is to recognize its need. Permanent symptoms of anxiety can cause mental health issues and students need to take it seriously. The first step to cope with it is acceptance of anxiety.

All the colleges now have counseling centers and students need to report and consult the mental health experts. The cost of these centers is already covered in college fees and they can provide immediate help to cope with the anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

If a student is going through anxiety due to a financial crisis, he/she needs to budget smartly. Find a way to save money. Try for a scholarship, loan, or funding.

Facing additional pressure due to academic performance, seek help from teachers, college fellows, or a friend of yours.

Last but not least sleep well and ensure proper rest for mind and body in daily routine.

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