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Four Reasons To Use Vanity Link Shorteners

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There is no television advertisement, online video advertisement, email notification, or press release without a highly visible brand name. Why then do marketers choose to omit a brand name from the URL on social media channels like Instagram, for example? There is a good way to have a brand name reflected in all links that you share as a brand. The online community of link shortener offers the solution for this. This URL is an online ‘blind spot’ that remains untouched millions of times a day.Especially when you consider how easy it is to use these URLs and thus benefit from the effect they have on your online brand, it is a missed opportunity not to use the Instagram URL shortener. Why should you use vanity link shorteners? Building trust & brand image It may sound more than logical, but people are more likely to click on a brand name online rather than a mishmash of random letters seen in almost all URL shortened links. Shortened URLs often …

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