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Test Automation Tools: Top Trends and Challenges for 2021

The need for software testing has been high worldwide since 2020. This is because the pandemic pushed teams to work remotely and on-premises like it was before. Remote working requires teams to have access to high-quality software that allows them to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

Apart from pandemic, another factor that contributed to the rise in automation testing is the vast availability of guides available online. You can get to know how automation testing works at the comfort of your home. This has opened avenues for new possibilities that help with flawless execution of products.

The need for highly efficient software has led to the rise of next-gen technologies and trends. Besides, it has also exposed software development companies to different challenges. This article looks at the latest trends in software development and the challenges developers are facing today.

Let’s check them out.

2021’s Top Software Testing Trends

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Software development teams anticipate different testing trends in 2021. This is because of technological advancements and changing customer needs. Companies need to use modern solutions if they are to meet these needs and ensure software is of the highest quality. Here are some of the top trends;

●      Adoption of Agile and DevOps

As mentioned earlier, customer expectations from software developers have significantly changed. They expect high-quality software and also demand better speeds. Software developers have embraced Agile and DevOps as solutions that can help them meet the evolving customer expectations.

DevOps helps to shorten the time taken from software development to delivery. It entails the processes, tools and practices that reduce the time spent in development , other companies decide to outsource these operations to specialized devops-as-a-service firms or DOaas, DuploCloud defines devops-as-a-service as “a term used to describe a software platform that automates the cloud infrastructure provisioning of a secure and compliant application. On the other hand, Agile makes it possible for developers to adapt to the ever-changing quality requirements.

Agile and DevOps have been widely used over the past couple of years. When infused in strategy, they get termed as ‘Quality of Speed.’ Software developers expect the use of Agile and DevOps to intensify in 2021 and the future.

●      Better Utilization of Test Automation

The software development process can never be complete without testing. It is an essential aspect of the DevOps process that teams cannot ignore today. However, manual testing has not made software development as efficient as it needs to be, making teams consider automating testing instead.

But then, automation remains underutilized by software development teams. There still is a massive gap in automation testing, and that’s what software developers need to exploit. More companies want to automate testing with several existing tools. We expect to see more automation testing in 2021.

It will be great to learn automation testing if you would like to venture into software development. You need to learn a lot from programming languages, test automation infrastructure, standards and best practices in automation testing. Learning will help you get the best out of the software development cycle.

●      Integration of Tools and Activities

The software development process is long and involves several phases. This includes requirements, design, testing and implementation phases before delivery of the product. Development teams need to use data from one phase to another to ensure high-quality software is released.

Teams need software and tools that can integrate easily to do this effectively. This trend keeps gaining popularity as more teams realize the value of integration across phases. You can expect this trend to continue in 2021 and beyond as software quality becomes a priority for every company out there.

●      Changes in Test Environments and Data

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest trends in the tech world today. As IoT devices become popular, software developers have numerous environments for software development and testing. But then, the main challenge for developers in the past has been finding and utilizing these environments.

Thankfully, things are changing as IoT is now becoming mainstream. Cloud-based and containerization environments are becoming popular in the software development industry today. Software developers will utilize testing environments more and use AI and machine learning to generate more test data.

●      Artificial Intelligence for Testing

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AI and machine learning have been widely used for software development in the past. These two technologies help teams get over different challenges in software development. But then, they remain primarily under-utilized, especially as they keep evolving and becoming better than they were years ago.

You can expect to see AI and ML being used more for software testing in the future. This is because they make it easy for teams to generate better test cases, scripts, data, and reports. Besides, they help teams avoid different software development risks by enabling early fault detection.

Challenges Facing Test Automation

As mentioned earlier, test automation has also posed some challenges to development teams. Here are some of the most prevalent issues.

●      Poor Communication and Collaboration

This challenge affects both manual and automation testing. But then, it has more significant implications in automation testing because teams require more effective communication and collaboration. Companies need to invest more in communication tools for a good return on investment in automation. Otherwise, getting the desired results from test automation can be a challenge for them.

●      Massive Variety of Testing Tools

As mentioned earlier, there is a vast selection of automation testing tools in the market today. While this is good news, selecting a tool that fits your needs best can be a daunting task. Besides, there aren’t enough resources to support software developers in assessing the available software testing tools. This makes it difficult for them to determine the tools worth investing in for better software testing.

●      Poor Testing Approaches

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The testing approach you choose determines how successful you become in automation testing. But then, finding the best testing approach is one of the biggest challenges for testers. Most software testers find it difficult to choose a suitable software testing approach to create scripts. It would be best if you took your time to understand the different approaches available as a beginner.

●      High Upfront Investment Cost

Another challenge software testers face is the high cost of automating tests. Teams incur many hidden costs, from setting up communication and collaboration systems to making meetings between teams possible. Many people give up on automation testing during the initial phase due to high costs. This makes it difficult for many software development companies to meet customer demands.


Test automation is one of the best things that has happened in software development. It helps eliminate manual processes and helps teams increase coverage and efficiency. As seen in this article, different software testing trends are gaining pace in 2021.

We have already looked at some of the most popular trends in software development. Artificial intelligence, Agile and DevOps are some of the most popular today. Companies want to increase efficiency and release high-quality software that meets their target customers’ needs.

We have also explored different challenges that software developers face when automating testing. Software developers need to find ways of getting past these challenges. Otherwise, they face the risk of failure in automation testing and financial loss if you had already invested a lot into it. The insights in this article help software testers to understand test automation better. As a software tester, you now understand the latest software trends and practices in software development. Besides, you now know the challenges to expect and can devise ways to get past them in advance.

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