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food order online in Coimbatore

The 11 Most Common Types of Food, People Order Online in Coimbatore

Food delivery apps are a boon to consumers in Coimbatore and other cities across Tamil Nadu, making it much easier for people to get their favourite food delivered to home. The ease of use and convenience that these apps provide is one reason why more and more people are signing up to use them, and another reason is that they offer great deals on quality food. Smaller businesses are now fighting for customers through innovative offerings such as free delivery or discounts on orders over a certain amount. Delivering delicious meals straight to your door has never been easier thanks to the various delivery apps offering food order online in Coimbatore. The availability of food delivery apps in Coimbatore means that there is no longer any excuse not to be able to eat something when you’re hungry, and this is a great development for anyone who lives in this part of India.

What are the most common types of food that Coimbatore people order online through these apps?

  1. Ghee Roast Dosas – When you start your day with freshly cooked Dosas, it will be a great start for your day. It’s even better if you can get it doused in ghee and folded into a tall cone. Roast Dosa options are plentiful on the Coimbatore menu. Choose between onion masala, potato masala, semolina, and more.
  2. Arisi Paruppu Sadam – This quick, one-pot meal is a traditional rice-and-lentil dish found in many homes, often eaten with Rassam, pickles, Papad, and yoghurt. 
  3. Pallipalayam Chicken – This dry chicken speciality of Kongunadu is famous in Pallipalayam. Minimal oil is used for frying chicken chunks, shallots, garlic, chillies, and coconut ribbons, which are then served.
  4. Elaneer Payasam – According to tradition, nothing completes a meal like a smooth Payasam. According to tradition, Payasam was originally served at the start of a banana leaf meal. Cardamom, crushed pistachios, and crunchy vermicelli are just a few of the many varieties of this dish. The Elaneer Payasam, a popular Kongu cuisine dish that features coconut, is prepared with coconut water and flesh. The word Elaneer means ”tender coconut water,” and is a uniquely local delicacy.
  5. Paniyaram is rice-and-lentil batter dumplings found at numerous street food stalls across South India. Paniyaram is eaten as a light breakfast in the morning or as an evening tea snack. These pillowy rice balls are lightly crispy on the outside and served with hot and spicy chutneys. You can order them with veggies or as sweet, jaggery-flavoured snacks.
  6. Kaalan – Coimbatore is renowned for its street food, and this unique dish holds special significance for locals. ”Kaalan” refers to mushrooms, but that is just one aspect of this popular snack—mushrooms and cabbage are deep-fried and served in a saucy, tomato-heavy sauce, topped with chopped onions and grated carrots. It’s a spicy and hot meal!
  7. Kongunadu Biryani – You can order a ”white biryani” in Coimbatore and have a delicious plate of pale-coloured rice with succulent pieces of mutton or chicken. Because of the limited quantity of spices and the usage of local, short-grain Seeraga Samba rice, this biryani is distinctive. The other biryani recipe utilizes a lot of spices and long-grain rice.
  8. Muttai Parotta  – Besides being a predominantly Tamil Nadu dish, Kothu Parotta (the egg-free version) was first served in Madurai and Chennai and is now available throughout the state. From the “tuk-tuk” sounds produced while preparing Muttai parotta to its killer taste and aroma, it’s a lot more than just a meal in Coimbatore. Korma is the perfect complement to this meal. Your tummy will be full in no time if you pour it in. It is made with Parotta, fried onions, carrots, and peas, all of which are shredded. Some restaurants even add chicken for enhanced flavour!
  9. Kollu Rasam is one of the most popular dishes among the Kongu people. Eating Kollu Rasam during a cold or sick is a perfect treatment because of its high protein content. Because Kollu Rasam is a Rasam made from horse gram, it is a common food in Kongu cuisine. It is a great immune booster as a recipe. Furthermore, it is a very healthy food due to its protein content. Kollu Rasam and Kollu chutney/Thovayal are excellent sources of protein and iron and Hemagglutinin , which is known as an antioxidant. As a result, the natural elements in horse gram increase the body’s antibodies and immune functions. The Rasam and mashed chutney can be served as a second course with steamed rice. The Kongu style dish Kollu Rasam is very popular and widely eaten by Coimbatore people.
  10. Upma (a breakfast dish) Broken wheat upma .  has been discovered as an excellent health treatment for people with diabetes. This upma recipe is an exciting one and also a healthy one. Unlike the normal version, it is a scrumptious dish and quite healthy. Sooji is a popular cereal in many households, mixed with spices and eaten with curd in the morning. It is an excellent weight loss breakfast recipe.
  11. Adhirasam is a traditional Kongu dish. This sweet dish is unique because it is not made from white sugar, demonstrating its health benefits. If you believe that sweets are the primary cause of health problems, you should try this sweet dish as it is prepared from brown sugar.

Summary –  It is always a good idea to order food online in Coimbatore through the Swiggy app or website. The reason is that it will take less time to deliver with them. Also, you can easily track and manage your order when it has been delivered. In addition to this, ordering food online in Coimbatore   also gives you more flexibility. For example, if you want to order something different from what you usually order or if you want to change your order at the last moment, ordering food online is much easier. Apart from all this, ordering food online also ensures that the quality and taste of your food are maintained because these online food delivery services control the entire process from start to finish.

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