The actual cost of IT Support- why you need a full time IT technician

The actual cost of IT Support- why you need a full time IT technician!

Before hiring an IT support for your business, there are a lot of factors that need to be pondered over. The company you are hiring for your business can really be helpful in your future prospects?

A companies’ biggest expenditure is on IT support. Every business owner goes through their financial status over the past 12 months. Since it’s the only part that supports the computer networks, the actual cost of your computer networks is downtime.

Let’s see what the actual cost of downtime is:

No matter what business type you are- medium or small- taking full precautions against the “bad things” (server/desktop crashes, firewall crashes, router/switch malfunctions)  becomes your first priority. If this is neglected, your entire network can take down for many hours. With Totality Services, such types of downtime don’t happen, fortunately. These issues are detected way before and are avoided for the safety of the entire business.

What downtime is all about?

The above-mentioned point is just a part of your entire downtime. Downtime is when an employee’s performance is heavily affected by technology. When the employee is unable to download an application on the desktop and it’s taking a huge load, it’s the downtime. When employees wait for slow web pages, this is downtime.

How does a company understand the real cost of downtime?

Every business tracks their “hidden downtime” in a week/month/year. At that time, they actually came to know about the real cost of downtime. Okay, so what is a hidden downtime? Suppose an average employee wage is $35,000 / year. If this employee takes two weeks of vacation in a year, he will earn $17.50 per hour. Now suppose, while working at the workstation, this employee faces the problem with the internet which is a little slow (causing him to “wait” a couple of minutes) this converts him to 16 minutes each day or 1 hour and 20 minutes. The weekly cost of these few minutes would come upon $23.28 and over the course of a year, this would be $1,210.56.

So if your company is having issues every day for a couple of minutes, you could lose over $12,000 or more just because of these little “wasted” minutes. It’s really disgusting!

Now here’s how the problem increases-

Suppose the server is down for a couple of hours and no one in the office can access network, this costs $366. The cost is further added due to the computer guys who fixes the issue. Now let’s assume that the business is down for an entire day, this can cost more than $1,460. If your company is suffering from these loses every month, your business might lose another $4,400 in  a year further adding all other fees.

What if I hire a full time IT person?

So a lot of concerned people ask, what if I hire a full-time employee? In fact, a lot of small and midsized businesses hire an IT technician. Talking about their profits, these techs make somewhat between $40,000 – $60,000. If you are thinking about outsourcing, don’t go with this. As it can be really very costly. Due to this expensive reason, a lot of companies hire a full time IT guy. When a business starts to grow to 100 employees or greater, hiring a full time IT tech seems to be fine.

Totality Services helps you in understanding that your computer network is the only thing your business needs a complete foundation. Hence, it helps you in administering any unforeseen issues with ease.

A flat monthly fee- a problem or a boon?

A lot of companies offer a flat monthly fee. They are referred to as Managed Service Providers. Their services include monitoring your network with remote and on-site visits as part of the monthly fee. The only issue with this type of service is, suppose your computer network is doing fine and doesn’t need any monitoring, then you still have to pay for the service. A lot of business owners just don’t like this.

Moreover, just think about it in this way- why you should be paying for a service or maintenance when you have nil.

A real managed services providers do their work perfectly in monitoring your computer networks. A truly managed service provider constantly monitors your computer network in order to be safe from any downtime issues. The things you want from a managed service provider is to have your technology available to help you meet your business goals. That’s what a real fully managed IT service provider in London will help you in achieving!

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