Best Transcription Services for Bloggers & Writers

The Best Transcription Services for Bloggers & Writers

Transcription is the process of converting information from an audio or video format to a text version. Such transcribing is carried out by special software or specialized transcription service. Their task is to qualitatively transcribe speech into a written format: edit sentences, remove pauses, catch difficult words, build logical sentences in accordance with the requirements of the language.

In the process of work, difficulties may arise associated with the participation of several people in a conversation at the same time, poor sound quality, etc. To solve the problem, transcription experts have to re-listen to the audio recording several times in order to compose the correct text and make sure that it is understood correctly.

Why Do Bloggers and Writers Need Transcription?

Bloggers and writers often use transcription services.

Writers record their audio and then transcribe it. From the resulting text, articles, blog notes, and even entire books are obtained. This is very convenient and allows optimizing the time spent on writing.

Bloggers who shoot video content on different platforms, including YouTube, really need a high-quality transcription. The resulting text can be seen in the form of subtitles, which are convenient for hearing impaired people.

How to Transcribe Audio and Video to Text: Best Services

Today, there are a number of relevant ways to make a transcription of audio and video into text, among which the most prominent is automated transcription using programs, manual decryption, and transcription services of specialized companies.

Manual Transcription of Audio and Video Content

There are various programs that help manual processing and simplify text editing. Users have to listen to audio, video and record text, but this work is simplified through the use of convenient editors.


This service can really be called unique, as it allows performing high-quality manual audio transcription. It has an autosave function, provides the ability to work offline, etc. Free processing is performed only in the first minute of work, and then the services are paid.


This is a free program for independent text processing. It is widely used for transcribing audio and video, is suitable for YouTube videos, and offers a large number of available formats. This program’s main advantages are that it has an autosave function, provides the ability to customize hotkeys, has a built-in text editor, and allows leaving labels for organizing navigation.

Automated Transcription Using Programs

There are transcription programs on the network that work using neural networks. They recognize human speech and automatically translate the sound into a text version.

Google Docs

The user dictates with a microphone, and a program with built-in tools transcribes audio to text. As practice shows, Google Docs copes poorly with a recording where speech is too loud or quiet. Therefore, dictation should be as clear as possible and done directly into the microphone. The main disadvantage is that the program can only work in the active tab. Thus, you won’t be able to dictate something from another tab.


It is a paid tool that works on the basis of Windows. The program is easy to use, as it does not require Internet access during decryption. It processes audio from ready-made files and also works with microphone recordings. The advantage is that the sound can be perceived at a distance of one meter from the microphone.


This paid tool is for transcribing audio from downloaded files. The free audio-to-text translation is carried out only for the first 1.5 minutes. After that, the cost of decryption is paid. The maximum audio length possible is 180 minutes. A distinctive feature of the program is that it only works with uploaded files and does not allow you to dictate text directly into the microphone.

YouTube Subtitles

Modern bloggers often use YouTube subtitles to convert videos to text. The site’s algorithms are able to automatically recognize speech in videos and present it as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. This function can be successfully used to decrypt videos in the absence of other tools for work.


This is one more well-known program for transcribing audio directly from a microphone. Used for free. Works through Google Chrome browser and mobile app. Does not recognize the low-quality audio.

Specialized Transcription Company Services

Transcription can be entrusted to experienced professionals who offer their services on the appropriate platforms. This can both save time and improve the quality of the text that will be manually edited.

So, a transcription job is very painstaking work that requires a lot of effort and high attentiveness. Use the above-described audio transcription services and get a single, coherent, high-quality text without wasting extra time!

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