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The Four Advantages of DNA Genetic Testing

The Four Advantages of DNA Genetic Testing

For myriad reasons, DNA genetic testing has grown in popularity in recent years. There are a plethora of services that now offer DNA testing to customers. There are different levels of service that can unlock some of the genetic questions that we may have about ourselves.

If you have never taken part in genetic testing, you may be wondering what the big deal is. The thing is, there are a few reasons why partaking may be something you should be interested in. There are four reasons in particular why you should have genetic testing done.

1. Understand Your Health Risks

One of the biggest benefits to be gleaned from undergoing genetic testing is learning about potential underlying health risks. While you should be having regular checkups done to ensure your quality of health, there are some key factors that can be unlocked from genetic testing.

These underlying issues could be something passed down through generations of your family line. The earlier they are recognized, the more treatable they could potentially be. It all depends on the person and the issue at hand but being able to get out in front of the problem is one of the most important factors in medicine.

2. Understand Your Family Tree

Perhaps you come from a muddied family history. Whether you have been adopted, a sibling has been adopted, or there are not clear ties to extended family, it can be frustrating to not really know where you come from.

One of the biggest benefits of DNA genetic testing from a provider like CRI Genetics, and one of the most popular reasons to partake, is to learn more about your direct family tree. There have been thousands of cases of those taking the test who have learned about their direct and extended family.

If you have had questions, genetic testing can erase doubts. When it comes to paternity questions especially, this is a great way to get those definite, concrete answers that leave no doubts about parentage or relations.

3. Learn About Genetic Health Risks

In the first point, it was talked about how genetic testing can give you a better overall picture of your health and what risks you may be facing inherently. Genetic testing can also give you a better idea of genetic issues that pass down through your family line.

Certain disorders and diseases are hereditary. For example, certain kinds of cancer can be passed down through the family line. Having genetic testing done not only lets you know whether or not you are at risk for those genetic disorders, but gives the opportunity for early treatment.

For serious matters such as cancers especially, having the chance to recognize it early can make a world of difference in the treatment of the disease. Getting genetic testing can be the key to unlocking a muddied healthcare history.

4. Greater Understanding of Your Heritage

This is along the same lines of understanding your family tree but with a little bit of an extended reach. If you don’t have doubts about parentage or other family member relations, you can still have genetic testing done to find out where you come from.

Genetic testing should tell you the percentages of your heritage (i.e., 12% Irish, 8% German, and so on). This gives you a slightly clearer picture of where your ancestors come from, where your heritage lies, and can even give you a better understanding as to why certain traditions exist in the family.

Having a better understanding of your heritage can also give you a greater appreciation for that heritage. But it starts with genetic testing.

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