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The Importance of Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Pets are more than furry friends. They are family members who provide emotional support. They are there on good days and bad. Many people consider their pets their best friends and they want these friends to remain happy and healthy as long as possible. Researchers understand this and have recently been looking into the benefits of keeping pets healthy and happy. What did they find, and why is this important?

How Pets Help Humans

Dogs and cats help humans cope with stress in their lives. They serve as emotional support for those who struggle with anxiety and depression, and they provide love and comfort during difficult times. Most people recognize these benefits but don’t know how important it is to keep pets healthy. What should they know about their companion’s health?

Veterinary Costs

Pets need regular checkups just as humans do. The vet at Best Friends Pet Care examines them to detect any potential health problems and gives them vaccinations as needed. Dogs and cats should be seen at least once each year after they turn one. The vet can provide a checkup schedule for other pets in the household. While these visits are not cheap, an owner saves money by having the animal checked regularly. Problems caught early typically cost less to treat.

One way to save on these expenses is to invest in pet insurance. The insurance company will cover all or part of the cost of regular checkups and emergency vet visits. This insurance comes with a fee, but owners save on vet bills when it is in place.

Monitor the Pet

Monitoring the pets is the best way to keep them happy and healthy. Animals cannot tell you when something is wrong. They know they don’t feel good and may try to communicate this to you in various ways. When an animal starts acting differently, it falls on the owner to figure out why.

They may begin using the bathroom in inappropriate places. Hissing and growling at unusual times is another sign something is wrong with the pet. Any changes in appetite call for a visit to the vet as does excessive sleeping. The pet might be sleeping more because they are trying to fight off an illness.

Keep Them Comfortable

Don’t leave a pet outdoors when the weather is bad. Bring them inside where they can remain comfortable. Doing so will also help protect their health, as a dog or cat that gets too hot or cold is more susceptible to health issues. They also won’t be happy if stuck outside in the rain, snow, or excessive temperatures.

Regular Exercise

Pets need exercise to remain happy and healthy. Daily walks are one way for dogs to get the physical activity they need. Cats, on the other hand, might be permitted to roam free outside. Indoor cats need exercise too, though. Play with them daily and get them moving around to benefit their health and improve their mood. Small things go a long way to offering a pet a higher quality of life.

What owners must remember is happy and healthy pets benefit them as well. A healthy pet will be an excellent companion, one always ready to put a smile on their owner’s face. Even those animals with unfriendly dispositions are still by their owner’s sides. It falls on humans to provide these animals with safe and loving homes, so provide this home today. Regular medical care is an excellent way to do so.

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