The Most Affordable Way to Make Concrete Look Expensive

The Most Affordable Way to Make Concrete Look Expensive

Have you ever wished your floors could look classy and expensive even if you were on a tight budget? Good thing there are cheaper alternatives to the costly floor materials that everyone knows and loves. This article will explore how to make your floors feel like a million bucks! You can also check Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando other options.

What Are Expensive Surfaces?

Most of the time, the materials used for expensive floors take much work to get or replace.

For example, natural stones can be pricey because they need extra care when excavated, transported, and installed. On the other hand, it’s hard to get wood from hundreds of years old trees.

What Are Alternatives To Make Expensive-Looking Surface?

Here are the top ways that are indeed affordable and durable.

1.    Stained Floors

You may use stains only to keep your concrete floor uniform and add a hint of sophistication. Unlike paints, concrete stains are long-lasting because they chemically cure themselves to the surface.

You can use this to make a marbling effect or to enhance the following options on this list.

2.    Stamped

A stamp is the most famous way to create a robust floor that looks exactly like those expensive floors. This method is simple. You only need a concrete overlay and stamping tool for your desired pattern. Here’s what you can copy using stamps:

  • Wood Panels
  • Ashlar Slate
  • Cobble Stone

3.    Stain After Stamp

After stamping, you can color the concrete using stain.

Use stain colors that match your reference to make your wood-stamped or stone-stamped concrete floor look even more real. These stains are translucent, similar to varnish to a natural wood plank.

Stamps and stains are best for outdoors, such as on patios, decks, and driveways. You may even do these with walls and fences if you want.

4.    Stained After Scored

Scoring a piece of concrete is the same as making a small cut. With these cuts, you can “draw” a unique design or logo into the concrete to make it look like tile or stone. After that, you can use different colors to stain each one.

The look of marble can be made with stains, and you can make marble effects by putting layers of pigments.

The veining effect can be achieved with any accessible materials that are shapeable. For example, you could make a long snake out of toilet paper soaked in stain or tear the side of a cardboard box to use as a stencil.

5.    Epoxy Sealer

Have you ever seen cakes with marbled glaze? When it comes to giving building surfaces a marble look, epoxy sealants are the same; they are liquids with a high gloss and metallic. The most expensive hotels use this method, but you won’t even notice it’s faux!

You can make it look like marble by pouring a base color of epoxy. A second color for veins then drops of epoxy metallics like gold or silver. You could use self-leveling epoxy. Or use a heat gun to customize the spread and flows even more.

But besides that, you can make it look like wood! If you don’t want to stain after stamping, use epoxy sealers. Aside from floors, you can also use epoxy sealers on your tables and kitchen countertops. You can check it here in NorthWest Concrete Resurfacing for more epoxy concrete sealer options.

6.    Spray Knockdown Texture

Spray knockdown texture is highly known for its use on walls. But did you know that it applies to flooring too? People use this to create a seamless yet non-slipping property on surfaces, which is why many use it for pool decks!

Other than spraying, there are other ways to make a knockdown texture. These are splattering, brush stomping, and mud troweling. Each method is different in how it looks and how it feels.

Beyond The Price

Not everything that costs a lot is good for the environment. So, if you want a safe and long-lasting floor, you can invest in the listed materials.

Ordinary people may not be able to tell the difference. Even if it doesn’t cost much, it will still be a good topic of conversation and feel luxurious. Besides, the mentioned materials are highly customizable, and you can still brag about each square foot’s uniqueness.

Remember that true luxury is when you get the most out of your money!

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