The Next Big Crypto Coin

The Next Big Crypto Coin

Investments in cryptocurrency suggest buying a crypto asset that has good prospects to grow in value over time. Experienced investors can analyse digital asset prospects and understand whether it is worth purchasing them or not. In this article, we would like to propose you a guide on how to evaluate a crypto asset and possibly the next biggest crypto in 2023.

What is WBT?

One of the largest crypto platforms in Europe, WhiteBIT, has recently launched its utility cryptocurrency – the WBT token, which serves for:

  • facilitating transactions on the exchange;
  • lowering transaction fees;
  • additional rewards for referral program participants;
  • access to other products and earning opportunities;
  • staking;
  • trading.

Could WBT become the next big crypto? Let’s check it out.

How Do We Assess WBT?

Here are some steps to evaluate the WBT token. Let’s begin with its price. In September 2022, one WBT cost a little more than $5, and in mid-October, its price reached $13. The developers use a burning mechanism to regularly liquidate some part of tokens, thus, maintaining the asset’s value.

In addition, some amount of the issued and acquired tokens are locked and will be gradually released during the next 5 months. 

The token supply is limited, which is also good for the stability of its price.

The next thing to consider is: who launched the WBT token? The fact is that the WhiteBIT exchange is the most credible and large service in Europe, functioning officially and complying with all the industry rules. Over 2 million loyal clients, low fees, transparent work conditions, and the highest level of safety – all these factors play a significant role in the adoption of the WBT token.

Next, the WTB token utility. This token is used on the WhiteBIT exchange reducing transaction feel and opening more earning options to users. Other crypto projects can also use the WBT token to develop their products.

WhiteBIT is a rapidly growing crypto platform that has gained the trust and loyalty of thousands of users, and so its WBT token has all the chances to become the next biggest crypto.

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