Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner

The Responsibilities of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

NAV is an enterprise resource planning app, developed by Microsoft. It assists its users with various aspects of a business that includes finance, manufacture, customer relationships, supply chain, etc. If you’re looking to grow your business and take it to new dimensions, then Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you.

How is NAV licensed?

There are Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners, who shoulder the responsibility of Microsoft Dynamics Implementation. Here we are going to discuss the duties of a Microsoft Dynamics implementation Partner.

What are the duties of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner?

A Microsoft Dynamics Implementation partner is responsible for most of the work that is done after the suit is developed. A Microsoft Dynamics partner is a trusted service provider of Microsoft who caters to the clients and is responsible for their satisfaction and comfort with the program. To ensure that the clients’ needs are met, they perform the following functions:

  • Evaluating new solutions: Microsoft keeps updating and upgrading its programs, applications, and suits to meet the needs of the changing times and consequently, the changing market. When Microsoft develops and launches a new set of programs, it is the responsibility of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to go through the details and to study them to understand them better. The next thing they are supposed to do is evaluate the client companies. Finally, they are expected to provide the necessary information about the new features and mechanisms to the clients in a way that they can comprehend. It is also up to them to implement the upgrades and train the end-users.
  • Tailoring existing solutions: no one likes a one-size-fits-all kind of approach when it comes to business solutions. Different companies have different needs and expectations depending on their business-specific and industry-specific requirements. Also, no one wants to fit their company accountancy and projects into pre-set boxes. Even though, the features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are ready to use, they are often inadequate in terms of particularity. Thus, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner is expected to understand the difference and customize the solutions to make them result-yielding to the users. This ensures customer satisfaction on the partners’ part and better performance and innovation on the clients’ part.
  • Support: an efficient Microsoft Dynamics Partner does not leave its clients at the implementation. They stick together right from the demo till after go-live. It’s their duty, like Microsoft Dynamics Experts to play the role of advisors and consultants to their clients. The clients always check for industry experience before hiring a partner, with the expectation that they would be able to provide better insight about the trends and opportunities that they can crack as companies, with the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thus, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner must stand up to the expectation.


This article is about the various responsibilities that a Microsoft Dynamics NAV must shoulder. It opens with a brief introduction to NAV and explains who these implementation partners are.

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