The Ultimate Guide To Editing Videos For Beginners

The Ultimate Guide To Editing Videos For Beginners

You have won half of the battle by shooting a video, and now it is time to win the other half by editing it like a pro. No matter if you want to wow your clients or customers with a high-quality project demonstration video, working on a video assignment for your college, or simply want to experience the joy of editing, the process of video editing is easy. It just requires a good mix of cognition and creativity.

Worry not if you don’t know the tips and techniques of video editing! Our step-by-step guide to editing videos for beginners will ease your process and help you produce an excellent outcome.

  1. Choose the right platform:

There are a number of video editing platforms available online that help makes, edit, and produce high-quality videos. The key here is choosing the right software that may work best for your editing needs rather than choosing the most advanced and expensive one. In fact, an expensive one may make the chore much more daunting. A good place to begin with your editing process is InVideo, a professional video maker, known to craft impeccable videos in numerous styles.

  1. Use an HD desktop with a larger screen and bigger RAM:

While video editing is no longer constrained to HD displays and you can go ahead with the process on a mid-level cell phone or tablet also, having a large screen with HD display will help you find even the tiniest errors easily. Also, don’t forget to increase your computer’s RAM to at least 8GB. It will help you store big files and shorten editing time so that you may focus on your editing process without bothering about slow rendering.

  1. Chalk out a plan:

Video editing always begins by drawing a good plan. A person who knows how his video should look identifies the message he wants to convey through the video, well-acquainted with the footage, and sure about what he needs to do with them can move through the editing process smoothly.

  1. Build a timeline:

With a good plan in place, you can start editing effortlessly by placing the crucial clips on the timeline, and then rearranging them as per your requirements. The timeline visually represents the sequential series of the clips that help refine the edit and craft the final video. In short, your timeline is the virtual place where the final video takes shape.

  1. Add text and graphic:

Now that you have attached all the crucial clips and created a timeline, it is time to add text and graphics to the video. Text and graphics help to convey the message to the audience in the most engaging way. So, while creating them, make sure they are catchy and captivating. The key here is to avoid crowding the clip with lots of words and create something extraordinary that may stand out from the background in the most lucid manner.

  1. Add audio effects:

Visuals are vital but not the only factor in the video editing process. Audio plays an equal role in producing high-quality videos. So, don’t just focus on the visuals, give good music to the video and listen to your audio track carefully, and if you find any faults, fine-tune it like a pro. A popular video making platform always has a good range of tools to fine-tune the audio.

  1. Color Correct the Clips:

Color is the crucial editing element that can help highlight specific subjects, evoke emotions, and set the mood of your project. While playing with the color, a youtube video editor often focuses on two things: color correction and color grading. While both these terms seem interchangeable, there is a fine-line difference between them. color correction means to adjust the color settings to get the picture that looks consistent from shot to shot, and color grading means to add a look to set the mood of a scene.

Thankfully, today’s video editing programs offer plenty of color correction and color grading options that you can apply to your video to make it look more dramatic and engaging. One thing to remember here is to make sure that the colors in each clip are consistent and not contradictory.

  1. Save and share the video:

When you are sure you have edited the video with the height of excellence, and there is nothing to attach or detach from the project, it is time to end and export it at the highest quality version. At this stage, most of the video editing platforms offer the “Share” option that simplifies the process of uploading the video directly to the digital channels instead of saving it to the device.

To sum up 

Video editing and marketing strategy may seem mysterious to someone who is new to this field or has never attempted to craft one. However, the truth is anyone can learn how to edit videos. They only need to know a few basic tips and techniques to get started.

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