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Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer By Best Makeup Artist

Doing makeup every day is fun yet a hectic thing. But seeing your face all dull and your makeup melting when you reach back home can be depressing. Usually, after a few hours, makeup starts to run off or gets smudged or disappears at once. The other possibility of why your makeup is getting smudged is by crying. Midday touchups of your makeup can really be very irritating. But how do we solve this problem? How can makeup last long all day? Here are some tips from Nitika Arora – Bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

Ever been to a wedding in the scorching sun or summers? That is when you do more touchups due to sweat. Sweat mixes with your makeup and melts it. The other reason can be your oily skin. If you have oily skin then skin’s natural oils can shine and crease your makeup. Using the wrong makeup or cheaper version of products can also be responsible for your midday touchups. The major reason for your makeup being ruined can be touching your face again and again. It can also result in breakouts along with smudging your makeup.

●    Prep Your Skin Perfectly

To make sure that your makeup is perfect, you need to make the perfect start by prepping your skin. Having a good skincare routine is the root of solving all the makeup related problems. Begin using a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt from your face. Then use a gentle exfoliator twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and then wait a few minutes for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin before starting your makeup. Use a moisturizer containing SPF 30 +, though your makeup products contain SPF. the perfect start will set the perfect base for your makeup.

●    Use A Primer First

A primer is the first step of long-lasting makeup. Priming your skin will help the makeup to stay intact all day. Primer helps the skin to seal in the moisture and provides a smooth, soft, and even surface for makeup. It also helps in giving the makeup a longer staying power by stopping from being absorbed. The other use of a primer is that it blurs out the imperfections and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has antioxidants that fight skin aging. So all in all a primer is a must-use product before starting off with your makeup.

●     Choose The Perfect Foundation For Yourself

Choosing the correct foundation can impact your makeover in many ways. It can either take your makeup to a flawless level or can completely ruin it. It’s essential to choose the foundation according to your skin type. For keeping your makeup long and intact, then use an oil-free foundation. It will help in keeping your makeup from sliding away. You can also go for long-wear foundations. If you have oily skin, then go for mattifying foundations that will soak up the excess oil. While applying makeup make a thin layer of the foundation rather than a thick one. It will look more natural and help your makeup to stay intact longer.

●    Blush And Never Over Do It

A rosy glow on cheeks will not fade when a cream-based blush is used rather than a powder-based blush. Never overdo your powdered based blush, it will give a very cakey look to your makeup an doesn’t stay intact for a longer time. Cheek stains or cream-based blushes are very pigmented which means they will stay intact for a longer time. Similarly to blush, do not overdo your bronzer as well. If smudged roughly, it can make your complexion look dark and when your makeup melts away, it will create a cakey look. So before buying any blush and bronzer take a smaller version of it and check it on your skin.

●    Set Your Makeup And Forget It

Once your makeup is all done, to make it last longer or keep it intact it is essential to set it accordingly. Seal your makeup with a layer of a setting powder or a setting spray and sometimes both. There are various setting powders available in the market like the translucent powder, banana powder, setting powder, etc. For a little extra pigmentation, you can go for a loose powder and a little extra coverage plus mattifying look can be obtained by using the translucent powder. Use a powder that has nourishing effects and minerals. Using a powder with SPF 15 and plus will be a plus point in order to set your makeup perfectly.

These were some of the tips by the best makeup artist in Delhi for keeping your makeup intact and to help it stay longer.

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