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Top 5 Sites to Buy High-Quality Instagram Followers

A large Instagram following can denote different things, like the popularity of your brand. Many IG users may not trust you if you only have a few followers. But with a vast following, you will make great connections.

 If you would like to increase your following with real followers without fearing your account getting banned, buy high-quality Instagram followers from only genuine and reputable service providers. Here is our review of the top sites to buy Instagram followers.

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Why Buy Instagram Followers

Many Marketers and influencers are now buying Instagram followers for the following reasons:

An excellent option for beginners

Building an Instagram following can be hard, and many users often give up. Fortunately, it can give you a much-needed headstart if you are new on Instagram. If your IG account is also in a slump, you can still benefit by buying Instagram followers.

Better Conversion

A large Instagram following can help increase your conversion if you have a business account. This means more sales and growth for your business. Even if you are arent directly selling on Instagram, your business’s exposure is enormous.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

If you want to buy Instagram followers, these are the top 5 sites to consider:

Score: 9.5/10

If you are searching for a genuine and reputable site that delivers real human followers, you should consider The site uses a variety of marketing tactics to deliver real followers, subscribers, and likes.

So when you buy from the site, you can be assured that you will get real people who will engage with your account. Founded in 2017, is very popular with influencers. It has served over 1 million customers delivering over 300 million followers to their customers.


  • Delivers real people who engage with your account
  • Genuine and reputable
  • Fast, efficient, and affordable plans
  • Trusted by over 1 million users
  • 24/7 customer support


  • The order may take up to 24 hours to be delivered

When you buy followers who are real people from SocialWick, you can be assured of engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares. This can cause the growth of your account as users share your posts. You can check out the Socialwick pricing here.



Mixx is another site that sells genuine, high-quality followers, likes, and views, not bots. Once you order from them, your followers will show in your account within a few hours of buying. The site uses high-tech server technology and advanced marketing tactics to deliver real followers that are legit and risk-free.

Qualified Instagram marketing strategists run the site, so they understand what is needed to grow an Instagram account. They offer authentic followers, views, and likes, which will help your account grow organically.


  • Delivers real people who engage with your account
  • Fast and efficient
  • 100% risk-free
  • Affordable packages
  • Great customer support


  • No free trial period

You can order followers, views, and likes on Mixx for as low as $0.89.  While they have no trial period, they have a package that costs less than $1, compensating for the lack of a free trial period. You check their pricing on the Mixx Official Site.

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Score: 9/10

The quality of followers is the most significant consideration when searching for a site to buy Instagram followers. This is why we only recommend sites that deliver real people as followers with no risk to your account. Another site that delivers high-quality followers that will like and comment on your post is SocialGreg.

The site also sells views, shares, and likes from genuine Instagram users with real profiles and posts. This means there is no risk of your account getting flagged by Instagram. Having served over 500K customers and sold over 141 million, SocialGreg is one of the most reputable services.


  • Doesn’t use farming bots
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Affordable packages
  • Free trial
  • 24/7 support


  • Only give discounts on large orders

Once you order on the site, your followers will be delivered instantly. The services are affordable, and you can have a package tailored to your needs. Get your SocialGreg free trial with no obligation.


Score: 8/10

With SuscriberZ, you can grow your Instagram account fast and affordably. The site delivers high-quality followers consisting of real people with real accounts. They also sell likes and views for Instagram and other social media sites, including Youtube. Therefore, you can be assured of real engagement on your posts, which can lead to real growth.

The Instagram followers packages are affordable and start from about $4.99. You can also buy Instagram likes and views for as little as $7.99. The site accepts all the major cards, Paypal, and even bitcoins.


  • Delivers real people with real followers
  • Efficient but affordable service
  • 24/7 support
  • Accepts all major cards and cryptos


  • 24-hour delay may occur if there are large orders

The service offered by SubscriberZ is efficient, discreet, and risk-free. You can check their pricing here.



According to their site, UseViral also sells Instagram followers consisting of real followers who engage with your posts. However, we couldn’t independently verify the claim as our order took long to be delivered.  While they look like a decent site based on the Trustpilot of 3.9/5, other users don’t like their services. The site also sells likes and engagements.

UseViral is a bot service that can be good for promotion services but may not be good for a long-term strategy of increasing your followers. They do not have a free trial, and this makes it hard to try their services. Their lowest package starts from $6 for about 100 followers, which is higher than what other services in our list charge.


  • Wide range of packages
  • Offer services on different social media platforms
  • Good customer support


  • We couldn’t verify if their users were real people
  • Lots of bad reviews
  • No trial period

FAQs on  best services to buy Instagram Followers

Here are questions that we regularly receive from people who buy Instagram followers:

Will the service cause my account to be banned?

The only reason why your account may be banned is if you are buying fake followers or bots. But if you buy real people with real profiles, there are no chances of your account getting detected. Therefore, we recommend you only buy from one of the first four services above as you are assured of genuine followers.

Is buying Instagram followers legal?

Yes, it’s completely legal. Remember that this is your Instagram account, so you can do what you want.

Do fake followers affect your engagement rate?

Again this will depend on whether you buy real people or fake followers. If you are buying real followers with accounts, they will increase your engagement. But fake followers may not affect your engagement as they are bots who dont like your posts. In the worst-case scenario, they may cause your account to be banned.

Final thoughts

Getting followers on Instagram can be challenging. Even after posting many photos on your account, you may only get a few likes and followers. What do you do to overcome this challenge? We recommend you buy Instagram followers.

However, with many scammers promising to sell IG followers, you must be extra careful. You don’t want to buy from a bot service that may cause your account to be suspended. To avoid such a risk, only buy from reputable services that deliver real followers, such as one of the above.

If you are still confused about which of these to go for, we recommend SocialWick. The site sells high-quality followers with real profiles that will engage with your post. Their services are also 100% risk-free and have been proven to work by millions of users.  We also recommend,, and as they also sell genuine followers.

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