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Top 6 Emerging Roles in Marketing and Digital Experience

Top 6 Emerging Roles in Marketing and Digital Experience

There are a number of emerging roles in marketing and digital experience that have surfaced in the past few decades. The ever-growing, competitive job market is constantly challenging professionals to develop new skills, especially digital skills, to help them adapt to the requirements of new roles and new business strategies.

Forbes pointed out although technology has made a number of jobs “all but obsolete” and that the technological uprise has helped in creating masses of new careers that “didn’t even exist a decade ago.” A decade ago, could people imagine making a career out of just as an influencer marketer? Titles like the chief listening officer, growth hacking manager, or a chief experience officer hadn’t been used and started only within the last few years or so.

With the creation of these new roles, there are some that are forecasted to become the most crucial in the coming ages as automation gets more involved in core business functions. Without further ado, here are the jobs that will definitely come out on top in the new decade:

  1. Influencer Marketing Manager

Influencer marketing is all about marketing a brand, it’s product or services, and presenting them to the audience of an individual who’s deeply influential. The influence is usually borne out of the individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation. That basically means that any individual person, brand, place, or another entity can be an influencer.

An influencer marketing manager is usually tasked with reaching out to develop influencer relationships to strategize and curate branded content to track mentions and ROI of the partnerships. Advertising channels through these influencers have significantly improved marketing ROI and getting a job in influencer marketing will yield extremely beneficial results in the long term.

  1. Paid Search Specialist

If you’re a person who thoroughly and genuinely enjoys marketing, but you’re more analytically skilled, then a job in paid search marketing might be the perfect fit for you. Also called a PPC specialist, a paid search specialist does thorough research, makes purchasing decisions, analyzes results, and changes course when necessary to optimize those results.

Although traditional organic search marketing is done through search engine optimization (SEO), it’s a method that marketers have little control over. PPC marketing, however, gives the marketing efforts much more direct control over paid search activities, given there is an in-house paid search specialist constantly running number and delivering positive results and ROI.

  1. Customer Experience Manager

Customer experience management, or CEM, is a combination of activities that organizations use to track, supervise, and optimize. The job of a good CEM is to encourage customer loyalty by maintaining high-standard interactions with clients at all times. CEMs are responsible for making the interactions of customers with the organization smooth, effective, and professional.

The main part of a Customer Experience Manager’s role is to increase loyalty the customers have to the organization. Typically, to start a career as a customer experience manager must make use of three disciplines to improve customer experiences: customer loyalty management, customer relationship management, and customer value management.

  1. Chief Experience Officer

A chief experience officer (CXO) is an executive officer who ensures all interactions with the organization’s external customers are positive. The title “chief experience officer” is altered based on the industry the organization uses it in. For instance, the job of CXO remains the same but their titles vary according to industry, such as Chief Customer Officer in retail and entertainment Chief Activity Officer in healthcare and travel.

In order to create positive customer interactions, a Customer Experience Manager leverages all the information at their disposal to be able to truly understand what a customer is looking for.

  1. Digital Brand Manager

Digital Brand Managers are responsible for the experiences of digital consumers across the whole enterprise and its operations. Their job is to help the organization steer towards growth by shifting focus from traditional physical brand management activities into social media ones.

Organization count on them for executing and improving the enterprise’s social media strategies based on performance along with emerging company and consumer needs. A digital brand manager’s role largely includes but is not limited to: channel roles, content strategy, and Social Persona Development.

  1. Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer, or CDO (don’t worry these aren’t the ones that caused Lehman to collapse) is charged with coordinating and managing comprehensive changes. These changes must address everything from updating how a company works to building out entirely new businesses, and they must make progress quickly. Some companies have Chief Information Officers and the titles are used in a number of tech enterprises and startups.

The career path of CDOs is effectively different from CIOs, but there are some glaring similarities. While the position isn’t exactly new, the requirements of the average CDO are quite fresh. The job of a CDO is not only as a digital expert but also as a seasoned general manager.

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