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Halal Holidays

Top 6 Friendly Muslim Destinations Around the World

Travelling with family is always a welcome time, to create fun memories and to fight over who gets the shotgun seat and such.

To fight over packing things and messing around with siblings is always fun.

But when it comes time for Muslim families, the halal journey is often opted for in various countries. Someplace to visit with no boundary line drawn for the Muslims and they can easily travel with them. Some countries are friendlier than others and hence those countries made to our list of top 6 Muslim friendly destinations.


One of the most Muslim prominent countries in the world is Malaysia.

Spending good halal holidays in Malaysia is the next big trend emerging in the tourism industry from a Muslim’s perspective. This country is a great fusion of gastronomy, outstanding hospitality, and the multi-ethnic culture is what makes it attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Malaysia has shared its fair share of history with the rest of the world. The rich culture, festivals, and historical cities markup the value in the eye of the explorer.

You will get to observe and experience several colorful culture and festivities, halal street food is easily available on market stalls and restaurants and handcrafts are truly marred with honed skills of the craftsmen. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city interrogates the best of all along with Penang, Malacca, Langkawi, etc.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

One of the international famed countries is UAE, for a diversified Muslim culture that interprets at international standards. It’s amazing how a country can develop from a leeward side to a modern depiction of modern architecture.

It’s easy for Muslims to travel on Umrah packages via UAE, as this country is on the route to holiest of sites, hence it became famous especially in Asian-Pacific countries. It’s one of the fastest emerging countries for tourism and hence Islamic beliefs and practices strictly adhere to the law here.

It’s famous for its architectural wonders like Burj-al-Arab, Marina Mall, Palm Jumeirah, etc. and not to forget the land reclamation often taking place for putting on the new structures.

United Arab Emirates


A dynamic culture, thriving streets with food and ornaments, and a mix of ethnic groups is the divine country of Turkey.

If you are looking for a country, you can go onto for a halal journey than this will be the right call to make. A transcontinental country, half in Asia and half in Europe, this country is a true mix of traditions and culture. It will truly amaze you once you visit it.

More or less like Greece, islands are also found here. You can travel via ferry and travel from one island town to another. Ankara is the capital city (surprised much?) but Istanbul is the central hub for the country’s economy, culture, and history.

The attraction here is based on the historical sites such as Topkapi Palace, Bosphorous Strait and the famous cities like Izmir, Konya, Antalya, etc. display magnificent Turkish culture.


Saudi Arabia

A land with the most important history ever to exist for Muslims all over the world. This country tops our list as it is home to Makkah and Madinah. The most spiritual kindred country ever to exist in Saudi Arabia.

Travelling to the holiest cities via Umrah package is the most honorable journey for a Muslim. The need for a spiritual cleansing ends here. Going for Hajj and Umrah is of the utmost importance for any Muslim but besides that, there are other cities worth visiting like Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, etc.

Because of its hot arid climate, it is suitable for you to travel during winters if going for reasons other than Hajj and Umrah. The natural landscape itself tells stories of their own, hence the religious importance way too much to ignore even on a casual holiday.

Saudi Arabia


Oman is like a middle sibling, often forgotten but remembered at the time of spending a good holiday. Traditional Oman is full of enchanting landscape and Islamic architecture speaks itself when you look upon the buildings.

Is natural beauty is hidden like a true gem and is visible of the true explorer only. Souks, deserts, and seasides are the best of all you can ever experience in Oman.

Muscat is the capital city shimmers with the golden minarets and is a Muslim-friendly destination as well, with the exclusive food served in the hotels and diligent people with humble behaviors can be seen. Salalah, Sohar, Sur are some of the cities besides Muscat worth visiting for a raw adventure.


With its hot and dry climate beaches are more humid but the more you move towards north temperature exceedingly changes.


Shining like a bright diamond amid Gulf states is Qatar with its fastest-growing economy in halal tourism. recently the country is on emerging grounds like once upon a time UAE was.  When travelling to Qatar you can get to experience a watery ride on traditional Dhows and enjoy the views of Doha’s skyline.

Doha is an economic hub center and the capital city of Qatar, and guess what FIFA Football will be held here in future too! now that is simply amazing for all the football fans in the world. Wildlife prevails at its best here at the natural reserves for animal rights. This country is exotic in its way. After the discovery of oil, the economy and infrastructure rather changed quickly and proved to be black gold for the country.

People love to visit here for its turbulent experiences this country has to offer.

Travelling is a comfortable joy that everyone should experience the way they want it. Regardless of whatever religion, caste, color or creed they might belong to…. every person in the world has the right to travel and enjoy their life to the maximum.

Learn, observe and grow with time for the best holidays are yet to come, your next adventure will always wait for your arrival.

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