Top 6 Furniture Items to Invest

Top 6 Furniture Items to Invest In That Elevate Your Space

Furniture is what makes a house a home. It adds cosiness to your space and gives you an opportunity to play around with the interior design of your home. But a lot of people, particularly youngsters, tend to stay away from buying interesting furniture pieces because they can be expensive. Rather, they opt for second-hand items, or buy only the bare necessities, causing homes to feel empty and unhomely. Well, that doesn’t always have to be the case!

Nowadays, you can buy any furniture, ranging from dining table and centre table to sofa set and dressing tabe furniture online, with the help of an EMI plan, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay any interest or downpayment if you choose to repay within 3 months. You can even get furniture on EMI without credit card through EMI providers like ZestMoney. They provide you with flexible EMI plans based on your payment timeline and let you do the whole process within minutes online. So no more waiting outside banks to get your EMI!

Now that “It’s not within my monthly budget” is no longer an excuse, let’s explore some must-have pieces that can help your home look brighter and more beautiful! Here’s a list of our top 6 furniture items to invest in that can help elevate your space:

  • Statement Couch: Creating a proper living area is vital, especially if you plan to have friends and family over. Invest in a beautiful couch that looks cosy and inviting, as this can help enhance the look of your home without needing to buy other decorative pieces.
  • Standing Lamp: Lighting plays a key role in uplifting a place and providing warmth. While your home may have enough lighting, add a standing lamp to your living room as it gives you task lighting when you want to read and also doubles up as a decorative item for your living room.
  • A Single Memorable Chair: Most people believe that good interior design means having furniture that matches but this is not always the case. You can invest in a single, comfortable chair (preferably one that reclines or you can buy a separate ottoman) that’s perfect for reading and watching TV. It can even be in a bright shade to add a pop of colour to your space and make your room look vibrant.
  • A Wooden Coffee Table: Wood is one of the best materials to use in your living room as it brings warmth and earthiness to your space. You can get a rustic-looking coffee table to place in the centre of your room as it helps create a focal point and also provides functionality to the area. 
  • A Tall Bookshelf: A bookshelf, particularly a tall one is great for a living space as it adds height to the room. And if you’re not an avid reader, that’s completely okay. Use the bookshelf to store decorative memorabilia like travel trinkets, trophies, records, art pieces or whatever you like.
  • Dressing Table: Dressing table furniture, without a doubt adds to not only to the aesthetic but also is an extremely functional piece of furniture. It is the perfect place for your skin routines, for you to organise your ornaments and products, and is also the perfect piece that elevates the attractiveness of your space. You can buy dressing table furniture online using ZestMoney EMI if their actual prices don’t fit into your monthly budget.

With these 6 core pieces, you can elevate your space without an interior designer or worrying about buying decorative art pieces for your home. And if you like something that’s out of your monthly budget, no need to fret as you can buy furniture on EMI without credit card. If you opt for ZestMoney, you can Pay Later with most furniture stores including HomeCentre, Featherlite or even Amazon. You can shop with over 8,000 merchant partners and buy all your favourite products online today with ZestMoney!

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