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Top 7 Free Movie Download Websites (Legal Streaming)

Watching the movie is the best time pass. Everyone likes to watch movies. It becomes more interesting if it’s free to download and watch movies. It doesn’t matter someone is leaving in India or abroad, everyone searches for the free movie download sites to download movies without any problem.

If you are also looking for Bollywood movies download sites for HD movie download or new Hindi movie download or Punjabi movie download sites, then your search ends here. Here we are sharing the top 7 free movie download sites (legal streaming). You can use these sites without paying money and enjoy free movies online.

So let’s start with the free movie download sites list that is 100% legal:



It is the website that is on the top of the free movie download sites list. You can download free movies and by visiting URL

YouTube is the best option for them who don’t want to spend money to watch movies. From here you can watch movies free and download them without any interruption. But right now free download is available in the USA only.



This is the 2nd website which you can use for free movie download. You can find and download movies through URL This website is a good source of Indian/Hindi movies. Hotstar is a good source for free streaming and free movie download for offline streaming. Here on this website, you can find many Indian TV Shows, Sports, and news for free.

This website is freely available for Indian users and paid for USA users.



This is another free movie download site, but it is available for only USA users. You can reach this website by going through URL This website is owned by Sony and you can find lots of movie data here. Just visit the website, sign up and create a watchlist of your choice and you will get movies as per your requirements. Here you can also find many TV Shows and movies which are not free on any other website. This website also has Android and iOS apps to be used by people.

A24 Movies on Kanopy

A24 Movies on Kanopy

When we are talking about free movie sites then we can’t leave Kanopy. You can reach this website by visiting URL This website has a unique collection of content for free. Last year a partnership was announced by Kanopy with Oscar-winning movie studio A24. Due to this partnership many features like Good Time, First Reformed, Room, Moonlight, The Lobster, The Florida Project, etc., are available to stream for free. This website is accessible everywhere in the world.

Open Culture

This is another source for free movie download. You can access this website by going through this URL

Here you can find lots of high-quality videos from all over the world. This was started in 2006 and now has 6 sections available on website Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks. It has a collection of more than 1100 movies and a special collection of Oscar-Winning Movies & Charlie Chaplin movies which will definitely attract you to this website.


This website is a good source for movies, independent films, Comedy Videos, and TV Shows. You can reach to this website by visiting URL Here you can find cult classics and short films for documentary as well as comedy movies. This website is available all over the world.



This website is accessible through URL Hulu offers free as well as paid accounts with advanced featured and content. You can choose the free account option but you will get only a few contents. You don’t need to download movies as you can watch more than 100 movies free without download. Other than movies here you will get many TV Shows. This website has apps for Android and iOS. But this website is not accessible all over the world and you can access this only in the USA.

In this post, we have shared top 7 sites for free movie download sites all over the world. Here on these sites, you can watch free movies, TV Shows and many other TV Programs for free. Internet is full of sites and you will also get many more sites available online for free movie download.

I hope you liked the list of free movie download websites.

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