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Tableau is the most popularly used tool of BI, globally. These are mostly used in the software environment. Nowadays, they are highly in demand. Tableau helps the aspirants to achieve their dream job. For this, they need to pass the interview. One should have knowledge about the skills of Tableau. The Tableau Interview Questions will surely help them to have a brief idea about what all questions do the interviewer asks a candidate.

Tableau Interview Questions and Answers

Listed below are some of the questions asked in the Tableau Interview.

  • Difference between Context filter and other filter.

While creating the context filter, Tableau will automatically create a table which is temporary and that is mainly for that particular Filter set as well as for all the other filters which will be applied on the data of Context filter like cascade parameter. For example., If the context filter is created on countries, USA and India them Tableau will create the temporary table for the above mentioned countries data and if there will be any other Filters then it will be applied on those two countries data but if there is no Context filter then each record will check it for all the filters.

  • Write the disadvantages of Context Filters.

The disadvantages of the Context Filters are as follow:

  1. This is not frequently changed by the users. If the filter is changed then it’s mandatory to recomputed the information and the temporary table has to be written again.
  2. When the dimension for a context is set, Tableau creates a temporary table that will be needed to reload everytime the view which is initiated.
  • Mention the five main products that the Tableau offers.

The main five products that is being offered by Tableau are:

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Server
  3. Tableau Online
  4. Tableau Reader
  5. Tableau Public
  • Define Data visualization.

Data visualization usually refers to the techniques that are being used to communicate the data or information by encoding it as the objects which are visual. For example., Points , lines or bars which are seen in graphics.

  • What is the latest version of Tableau Desktop?

The latest version of Tableau Desktop according to November 2019 survey is Tableau Desktop 2019.4.

  • Define Filters. What are the various types of filters in Tableau?

A filter is used to restrict the data that is not necessary. It shows only those data that one actually wants. There are three types of filters in Tableau. They are Quick Filter, Context Filter and Datasource Filter.

  • Why would one choose Tableau?

Whether the data is in a warehouse of Information, a cloud application or in an Excel file, it can be analyzed by using Tableau. It is used to create views of data and share it with the teammates, customers and business partner. Tableau can also be used to put together other data and keep their data up to date automatically.

  • What are the steps that are needed to remove the Show All option from a Tableau Auto Filter?

The steps that one needs to follow so that he or she can remove the Show all option from the Auto Filter of Tableau are :

  1. Right click on the Filter
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Uncheck the Show All option
  • Can the columns which are not used in reports but used in data source use in the Tableau Filter?

Yes, it can be used in Tableau Filter if not used in reports. For example, in a source of data, if there are columns like EmpID, EmpName, EmpDesignation, EmpSalary and in Row it is only EmpName and in column it is only EmpSalary then EmpDesignation can be used on Filters.

  • What is the advantage of Tableau Extract file over the live connection?

Extract can be used without any connection anywhere and one can build up their own visualisation without connecting to a database.

  • Write the difference between twb and twb file extension.

The file extension .twb is usually live connection as it points to the source of data. The user needs permission who has received .twb from which they can access to the data source and no data is included whereas .twbx takes the data from offline medium and stores it like a package file which means that it gets rid from the need of permission.

So these are some important Interview Questions of Tableau which will help a candidate to pass the interview and get the job he dream of.

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