Saturday , September 18 2021
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Top Décor Tips for 2021

As society begins to open up and people look to spend time with friends and family indoors, there has been a trend towards redoing interior spaces to suit the new normal. While things may never return to pre-pandemic days, this is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to interior design and décor. We can use this as an opportunity to innovate and consider new ways to spend time indoors and strengthen our health while we do so. It is a matter of turning challenges into positive home design changes that will serve to suit current circumstances.

What Is the New Normal?

Personal space requirements have changed in line with guidelines from the government and how we meet with people indoors is also subject to restrictions. The risk of spreading germs is increased in confined spaces and as such a great deal more effort and thought needs to be put into setting up these inside spaces in preparation for increased interpersonal interaction.

What this means is that as more people are having to find a workspace at home, creating boundaries between our professional and personal lives becomes more important. Creating distinctive and relaxing spaces in our homes has become more important and is simple to do. A reading nook, a home theatre, the home office, these are all creative ways to reconsider the homes we love.

Increased Ventilation

Internal office and home spaces need to have improved ventilation. Air circulation, via air conditioning and fans are a must-have, but must also be part of the internal design, rather than an add-on. When considering ventilation in the home, think not only about filtration and ventilation appliances, but also how you can harness natural ventilation and sunlight to promote natural well-being.

Remember that you can also take advantage of outdoor spaces while also adapting the indoors. Consider using outdoor heaters or heating options that allow you to take advantage of the natural ventilation outdoors.

A Natural Feel and Look

Natural, with plain, calm colors and simple textures, is in; it is a difficult look to get right, but can be used for features as well as structural elements. Wooden Luxury provides quality bespoke window frames, wooden internal doors and entrance ways and bespoke front doors. Making changes to indoor spaces can be as simple as changing the way your view is framed, if that means new window frames or a new door, these are simple but effective ways to make a home feel different and new. Using natural materials also means that you can ensure your new look is not only stylish but also sustainable.

Smart Homes

Internet-connected appliances and smart devices are growing in demand and popularity. They make homes not only more environmentally friendly but can be used to ensure homes are also safe havens that look good and function well. Research shows that more than 50% of UK homes contain at least one smart device with more than one in six users controlling their smart devices from outside their home. Dealing with changes to interior spaces and interior decor will be at the forefront of the move to find something positive out of the changes we have all had to consider over the last 18 months. It will also be vital as we move towards being able to meet up indoors with whomever we want to whenever we want to.

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