Top Leisure Places in Dubai

Top Leisure Places in Dubai

Dubai is a land of history, modernization, advancement, and unlimited fun. You cannot get bored during your stay in this epic emirate. The best thing about this emirate is that you can drive or ride your favourite luxury car there. Different car rental companies operate in Dubai, you can pick one to get a rental car from. You can opt for Mercedes, Ferrari, or simply a van rental Dubai with driver as per your needs.

Once you have rented the car, the next step is to explore this Emirate. You all must be aware of the monuments present in Dubai including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, etc. Therefore, we are not going to tell you about them. Numerous communities are present in Dubai that are great leisure places. Let’s have a look at some top leisure places in Dubai.

Dubai Marina

You must start exploring Dubai with Dubai Marina. It is present at the Sheikh Zayed road so you don’t have to drive a lot to reach there. Dubai marina is a superb community surrounded by water from one side. The following are the key things you can do in Dubai Marina.

Yacht Adventures

The first thing you have to do is to rent a car yacht there. Leave your car for an hour or two and enjoy your yacht. Never forget to do fishing there. Yacht racing and partying by collaborating with other tourists can also be a great thing to do in Dubai Marina.

Marina Walk

The next step is to walk along the marina walk. You can witness some beautiful scenes during your walk. The view of plants along with the Marina walk look very mesmerising.

Palm Jumeirah

It is one of the top visited places in Dubai. You can engage in endless fun activities during your visit to the Palm Jumeirah. Following are the top listed places you can explore in Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Fountain

It is one of the best fountains in Dubai you have ever witnessed. The water comes out lf it in a beautiful pattern. The main view is at night. Almost 3,000 LEDs are used there to give a magical look to the fountain at night.

Palm West Beach

You can visit Palm West Beach to spend some quality time there. You can do plenty of things such as resting, exploring the beach’s beauty, and seeing the waves of water hitting the land. You can also have a delicious lunch at a café present in Palm Jumeirah.

Al Ittihad Park

It is a fascinating travel destination for every tourist in Palm Jumeirah. This park is the best place to spend a peaceful evening. You can visit it early in the morning as well. A 3.2km long running track and stationary workout platform is also present in this park.

Desert Safari

One of the biggest leisure venues in Dubai is the Empty Quarter Desert. This desert has a lot of fun and thrill in the form of desert safari. You have to book a desert safari and enjoy a whole day full of thrills, adventures, and leisure. The following are the key things you can do during Desert Safari.

Thrilling Rides

There are plenty of amazing rides you can enjoy during desert safari. You can start with a quad bike ride. Arab’s traditional camel and horse rides are also available in Dubai. Apart from that, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride as well.

Amazing Night Shows

You can have several night shows in Dubai desert safari. These night shows include belly dance and Tanura show. Apart from that you can also enjoy a fire show as well.


If you have opted for an overnight desert safari in Dubai, you can enjoy camping there. Camping in the vast Arabian desert is a real fun. You can also engage other tourists and participate in different games in the desert.

Apart from that, you must also focus on attractive scenes of sunrise and sunset.

Motor City

Motor City is one of the hidden gems in Dubai. You can opt for a car rental Motor City and explore this beautiful place in your car. The best thing you can explore in Motor City is Dubai Miracle Garden. This garden has some amazing scenes, beautiful wildlife, and peace.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what you have to do in Dubai after renting a car. Don’t ignore any of the aforementioned leisure places as all of them have amazing scenes and thrilling activities for you.

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