Top Water Sports for Beginners

Top Water Sports for Beginners

Warmer temperatures mean it’s time to take on new adventures, especially those involving the water. The sun climbs high; the heat index spikes, making walks and runs unbearable; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors.

When you combine fun outdoor excursions with a dip in the lake or ocean, you get a chance to breathe the fresh air, explore nature and stay cool. Therefore, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the humidity and heat, it’s time to try out some water sports this year. Don’t feel intimidated. There are many options available for you. The following are perfect for getting their feet wet the first few times.


Do you love water? Are you eager to get a good look at fish and their environment? Get close up to coral and shells and maybe even a few fish. Then, add snorkeling to the to-do list. This leisurely activity encourages you to swim in shallow water using a breathing tube and mask.

Luxury cruises from Fort Lauderdale are a great time to take this excursion. The ships travel to crystal clear blue waters filled with a beautiful life. Use this opportunity to have someone guide you through the process of getting and handling the gear while checking out the locale. It’s a good thing to do with friends or family.


Water sports may seem intimidating to some. If you’re nervous about boats and swift movements, stick with something calm and simple like paddleboarding. Find a paddleboard, a long board that looks like a surfboard but is bigger! It lends more stability; plus, you’re not going to ride the waves.

The goal is to stand up on the board and use a paddle to move around on quiet, still water. It’s a great activity for lakes and is often done in state parks. Wear a life jacket as a beginner. You may fall off a few times and know how to swim. Practice some balance moves ahead of time! Once you have that down, glide along and take in the scenery. Dip into the water when you can’t handle the heat anymore.


If you want more of a challenge, then consider finding surf lessons. Learn to ride those waves and enjoy the ocean. Trained instructors work with you on proper stance and safety procedures.


Do you have friends that have a boat? Ask if they have a tube. Many owners invest in larger inner tubes that attach to the back of the boat. The driver pulls the boat, and someone or a couple of people hang on to the back, getting a fast ride. It’s a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy a lake or river.

This activity is fun for many age groups, but always ensure that people wear life jackets. Safety gear gives you some extra security for little ones especially. You can fall off (sometimes, that’s part of the thrill).

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking can take up hours of your afternoon. Enjoy rowing and finding birds and other critters that live in the area. You don’t have to own one. Often, local places have them for rent. Check them out for a bit and hit the waterways. Go slow, talking or taking in the scenery.

Keep in mind that moving those rows takes some upper body strength. Have a partner who can share that task, and remember not to go too far at first. Think about your turnaround time.

Pick a location that is calm with little ripples and no waves. As a beginner, you’re getting used to the equipment and how to maneuver. You want to focus on comfort and skills before you take on anything rough.

Play in the water to your heart’s content, taking a break from the immense heat. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors without suffering. Plus, you can explore the various water sports options out there. Learn something new and enjoy it!

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