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9 Patio Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Maybe you’ve seen some new patio designs on Pinterest, or maybe you’re sick of looking at the same old space every summer. Either way, everybody wants an outdoor living space, and improving your patio can go a long way for your home! Believe it or not, a high-quality patio can add up to 8-10% to your home value!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to break the bank with the right help. Here are some helpful patio ideas that work with any budget!

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1. Examine Your Available Space

Before you get started, you will need to determine a few features of your patio space.

For example, how big is the space and what do you have to work with? If there are unique challenges to your property, an oddly-shaped space, or a smaller area, you will need to plan ahead for this. Whether it’s a lack of available space to dig or some HOA restrictions, you will need to plan ahead!

2. Choose a Material

Brick, stone, wood, or whatever you want. This is going to cover the majority of the surface area on your patio, so this is an important decision for defining your aesthetic.

Ideally, this should complement the look of your home, but not quite match it. If it looks exactly like your home’s exterior, it may look a little awkward. Instead, aim for neutral colors that work with your home and create the appeal that you want.

For example, if you have a rustic wood exterior and a large garden close to the back of your home, consider going with stone to complete the natural vibe. Conversely, a more modern home with vinyl siding may want a high-quality wood or brick to keep up with the times. This is entirely up to you, your preferences, and your existing space!

Consider using cedar siding if you’re looking to give your outdoor space a stylish facelift. You can shop cedar siding materials here at Quality Cedar Products.

3. Plan For Your Fire Space

Every patio needs a fire pit or something to hold a fire. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside with your loved ones around a fire on those cool summer nights! The best part is that you can choose an outdoor fireplace to fit whatever aesthetic you want.

We recommend choosing this first, as it will act as the centerpiece for your outdoor living space. It will also act as the focal point, so it needs to define the look that you’re going for!

4. Don’t Forget Your Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere in your outdoor living space. We highly recommend planning this to fit your aesthetic, and potentially having multiple options available!

For example, having standup lanterns with brighter lights is perfect for when you have a pool party with a bunch of your neighbors. However, when you’re having an intimate gathering on the patio, you may want softer yellow lights like rope lights or string lights.

Also, you need to think about safety. Light up your walkways with small lanterns or spotlights to avoid tripping hazards at night.

Still, you don’t want to rely entirely on a harsh spotlight for your social gatherings! Not only will it turn off automatically, but the bright white overhead light won’t do much to set the mood!

5. Consider Your Seating Options

Built-in seating can be a great way to go, as you won’t need to store it in the winter or prepare it for a storm. It can also help set a unique and appealing aesthetic, even if it isn’t the most comfortable.

Of course, having extra seating is always helpful! It’s great to grab your own patio furniture from your local department store, but it may be challenging to match it with the aesthetic you want. Weigh your options and see what works for your space!

6. What About Privacy?

Do you want a privacy wall or a fence to keep your social gatherings more intimate? Do you want a large open space to get the most out of the outdoors? Either way, plan ahead for this.

You can give your patio more privacy by planting bushes or trees strategically, installing a fence, or getting creative with your patio architecture. There are plenty of options to choose from, but it’s something to consider ahead of time!

7. Consider Adding Water Features

Water fountains or small ponds can make a world of difference to your outdoor living space. A small koi pond, a swimming pool, a hot tub, or anything else can make your space so much more inviting and dynamic. There are also water fixtures for nearly every aesthetic, so you don’t have to compromise!

8. Entertainment

How about a nice outdoor bar complete with an awning and outdoor refrigerator? What about a waterproof sound system to tie it all together? Whatever it is you want, consider adding this to the spacial and financial budget!

9. Add Plants

Plant life is a great way to improve an outdoor living space. Whether you have hanging plant pots, a walk-in garden, or bushes surrounding your patio, it can really help set the outdoorsy tone. Plants are an inexpensive way to add privacy, color, and life to your space, so use them to your advantage!

Put These Patio Ideas to Use Today

Now that you have some great patio ideas to choose from, upgrade your new patio today and make it the best hangout spot in town! With a little work and even a minimal budget, you can bring your space to life.

Get started today and keep reading our blog for our latest lifestyle tips!

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