Trending Design in 2019 – Best Ring Designs From Shanti Jewel

In India, September and November are the most beautiful season for shopping jewellery for engagement and wedding. Engagement and wedding season officially arrive in those months. We all love to post our new engagement and wedding ring or luxurious jewellery on social media like Instagram and Pinterest or Facebook. And we love seeing photos of our friend’s post. It is time to drive in new trend and make your finger more beautiful it show your love “while wearing these rings.”

We ask our jewellery designers and show them lots of designs, and after hard assorting, we select these 14 adorable ring designs. To celebrate this love season, we thought these designs are perfect.

  1. The Floral Accent

The Floral Accent

Ignoring this ring is impossible, especially when the ring is designed and set by Shanti jewel. Diamond in-ring is enhancing the beauty of the ring and this diamond is perfectly suited for a classic bride and especially white color is my favorite. Great designers and the great bride can transform this ring and feel.

  1. Center Diamond


Center Diamond Ring

We all know the current situation and popularity of Diamond jewelry. Everyone loves to get a big diamond jewelry ring. I think a small diamond around this solitaire diamond is increasing the whole beauty of the diamond. This precious ring is available on bothe gold, yellow gold and white gold.

  1. Cluster Crush

Cluster Design Ring

Ring Design



      4.Love Infinity

Love Infinity

Love Infinity Rings

This ring is perfect for showing your infinity love your care importance of her in your life. This ring shape says more without words. The infinity shape with a diamond and seven same diamond in the centers is the adorable look. This engagement ring is available in white gold and yellow gold also.

  1. Bond Of “Love”

Bond Of “Love”

Bond Of “Love” Ring

The bond of love shows your love for your life partner; this ring is perfect for showing her importance in your life. It is no matter how many diamonds in-ring you cannot value a ring with a diamond when you are talking about the designer. This ring filled with feeling the feeling of a love bond. Available in white and yellow gold.

  1. Twining Trinity Ring

Twining Trinity Ring

Twining Trinity Ring Design

Oh, you see pear shape by round diamond, wow cool new design launched on Shanti jewel. This design is inspired by a leaf. The customer of Shanti jewel has really loved this design because of its unique and simple classic design.

  1. Cocktail of Love

Cocktail of Love

Cocktail of Love Ring

We all love oversized jewelry, and in history, they all love big jewelry and this cocktail ring with blue diamond is looks really awesome. A cocktail you will love not to drink is our cocktail rings. Ring available at the online store of Shanti jewel in white gold and yellow gold.

  1. Minimalist Bands

Minimalist Bands

Minimalist Bands Ring

If your stuff isn’t dense bands, we’ve covered you! Minimalist bands are trendy, and we’re not expecting them to stop quickly. This look has been hit by jewelry designers like Marrow Fine and Catbird as they produce commitment rings that couple lovely stones with fragile bands.

  1. Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired Ring

Vintage isn’t just about heritage! Jewellery developers look for commitment ring styles from years gone by and bring them back to the trend again. Heidi Gibson is renowned for her love of inspired items from the vintage, which is how she finds most of her inspiration.

  1. Split Shank

Split Shank

Split Shank Ring

The “shank” on the ring is an imaginative way to talk about the group, and now trends are the split shanks. A classic instance of this is the design of Marrow Fine, the Winter Rose Engagement Ring. The beautiful stone sits between two bands that look like a surprise pile. Then the divided wedding band is added to fit the stone. It’s the coolest look!

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