Understanding the Benefits of a Comprehensive Memory Care Program for Your Senior Care Facility

Understanding the Benefits of a Comprehensive Memory Care Program for Your Senior Care Facility

Memory care is for senior citizens having Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia-related issues. For senior care facilities, the deployment of a reliable memory care communities software solution can help significantly in delivering the right care to senior citizens. A dedicated memory care program for senior care facilities should feature the presence of a specially-trained staff along with round-the-clock support for residents in a safe & comfortable environment.

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Comprehensive memory care programs are great for specialized care for any family member having dementia or Alzheimer’s. The challenge is that most memory care programs are only a modified version of independent living. There is no denying the fact that residents of assisted living facilities deserve much more. Therefore, these facilities should incorporate the involvement of an in-depth memory care program to support the diverse needs of the residents.

Benefits of Comprehensive Memory Care Program for Assisted Living Facilities

In most cases, independent living programs that are modified for proper memory care go ahead with offering additional support as well as structure for patients having dementia. Still, the primary focus of such programs is to improve the overall physical well-being of individuals through the implementation of a secure setting with easy-to-navigate floor plans.

Some additional measures used are setting routines to minimize stress, bringing about a balanced diet with proper dining assistance and relevant opportunities for fitness. In some cases, occupational, cognitive, and physical therapies are also imparted. There might be the involvement of structured opportunities and activities to socialize effectively.

While these programs are indeed aimed at ensuring that the specific needs of your family members are met, some memory care communities software providers like Glennis Solutions take a step further by adopting the comprehensive memory care program that has been intentionally-designed. These programs are centered at nurturing the entire individual as a whole -not just the physical aspects.

Bringing About Positive Results with Interactive Memory Care Programs for Senior Care

Intentionally-designed solutions for memory care in an assisted living is not just any heavy term. The program and its features have been designed to resolve the unique challenges -especially those associated with the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related problems. The program can assist in bringing about harmony to every activity and moment of community life -uplifting every senior care resident in spirit, mind, and body through friends, family, and relevant support services.

This is why memory care programs are regarded as ideal solutions for those who tend to experience cognitive impairment. It is because it tends to encourage as well as stimulate mental awareness & acuity. It also helps in creating avenues intentionally in which residents are able to relate, be present in the given moment, and interact with life with their maximum potential.

For instance, weight loss turns out to be a common issue with patients having dementia. There are several factors in this case, including:

  • Sense of smell, taste, or vision becoming impaired -making it difficult to find food or stimulate appetite
  • More calories getting burned through wandering and pacing
  • Changing food preferences with the progress of dementia
  • Lack of ability to effectively communicate proper health issues -making it less desirable to eat due to discomfort or gastrointestinal pain
  • Later in the stages of dementia, forgetting how to clean, swallow, or even use utensils

Due to this, specific program designers make use of red plates -a color that helps in stimulating appetite. Most facilities also make use of easy-to-grip tableware and weighted cups to encourage seniors practice independence while making it easier for them to participate in meals and enjoying them.

A Better Living Experience with Memory Care Communities Software

Reliable memory care communities can leverage powerful software-based solutions to accelerate assisted living business, improve the overall resident care, save ample time, retain existing staff, and ensure maximum compliance. A fully-integrated software solution like the one offered by Glennis Solutions is committed to simplifying day-to-day operations across different departments of the assisted living community.

It also allows for a highly collaborative mobile-based care administration while providing a holistic view of the entire business for ensuring smarter decisions. In turn, it will make the residents happier and offer families an ultimate peace of mind. A reliable memory care communities tool can help managers of the facility the ease of managing the unique requirements of the residents having Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is achieved by streamlining care, improving the overall resident experience, and ensuring compliance.

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