Reviews Of Quality Control Manager Job + Description Of A Vacancy Reviews Of Quality Control Manager Job + Description Of A Vacancy

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in “job near me” prospects. However, there’s no need to look for organizations in your city if you can work from home for international companies. We’ve read a number of testimonials on Indeed and Trustpilot to provide you with this short review of the Uss-Express employer.

Introduction to the company

This is a young organization because it’s been around the industry for less than 10 years. It’s a relatively short period, but this time was enough for Uss-Express LLC to establish itself as one of the most transparent work-givers in logistics.

Currently, the company is focused on working with customers from the European and Asian markets. Businesses order its services if they need:

  • fast shipping;
  • cheap delivery;
  • reliable dropshipping;
  • eCommerce consulting;
  • legit inventory fulfillment.

Basically, the company works in all the niches of the logistics and shipping industry.

Is it a trusted employer? (based on reviews from Indeed and Trustpilot)

Studying the reviews was our major aim, because only real employees can provide frank information about the work-giver. As we can see from the average scores on platforms, users of both Indeed and Trustpilot appreciate Uss Express.


To be more specific, here is what they like the most:

  1. A current quality manager from New Jersey: “I was in despair when I lost my job due to staff cuts caused by the lockdown impacts. I quickly started looking for vacancies and came across the quality control manager job in Uss Express. This field was completely new for me, but I applied. I was hired and provided with the possibility to sample my skills on a trial period. I liked the way my bosses treated me and my salary, so now I work here on a full-time basis.”
  2. A former manager from New York: “Before I applied for this vacancy, I had been working as a quality control manager in warehouses. I can say that working remotely is much easier, but the same rewording. Unfortunately, I find this company a poor option for career development, but it’s still a good variant for beginners”.

To be unbiased, we also looked at what users of Trustpilot think about this work-giver. Surprisingly, many testimonials are the same positive:

  1. Odette Bilodeau from the US: “I worked online from home, and my task was to check the quality of goods and their availability. Furthermore, I was new to this business, but the team helped me a lot to figure everything out. Salary always arrived on time and in the right amount. I also had a great balance between work and free time.”
  2. James from Great Britain: “The salary is paid on time, for processing and for holidays there are bonuses from the authorities. I was satisfied with the work, I recommend it.”

As we can see, a job in Uss-Express is rather an option for beginners because qualified professionals in logistics find it quite poor for career development. But still, we don’t want to argue that it provides competitive salaries and flexible working conditions.


How to apply?

Applying for this vacancy is as easy as creating an account on social networks. Everything you should do is to proceed to the official website of the company and find the form for applicants. Before filling it up with your resume data, make sure you can meet the requirements of the organization.

The work-giver doesn’t require special logistics qualifications or degrees. You just need to be not younger than 18 and have access to a laptop, smartphone, and printer. Plus, you need to make sure you can guarantee the proper storage of goods at your physical address.

What are my duties, and how much am I paid as a quality manager?

Basically, all the functions of a quality control manager are related to meeting the quality standards. Except for receiving and sending goods, you will be responsible for:

  • checking goods;
  • changing (if necessary) packing materials;
  • working with suppliers;
  • putting labels on boxes.

If you work as a part-timer on a remote job, your salary might reach the maximum amount of $1,700. If you are ready to work as a quality manager for the whole working day, you might be paid up to $3,200 per month.

Job of Quality manager

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