How to Pick a Water Storage Tank

How to Pick a Water Storage Tank: Everything You Need to Know

With the summer coming up quickly, your family and business must have a plan in case of water shortages.

Finding a storage tank provider can help you gain quick access to an essential resource. Instead of rushing to the store to stock up on bottled water, you can collect it effortlessly. Waste, storm, and outdoor water may come in handy if you live in a climate that experiences droughts.

Keep reading to learn how to pick a water storage tank that will meet your needs!

Water Storage Tank

Assess Your Water Usage

Each person in the United States uses an average of more than 80 gallons of water each day.

Not all of this water comes from the home, which is why you should look at your previous water bills. Old water bills will help you determine how much water your family uses so that you don’t buy an insufficient tank. Families often use their water storage tanks for watering plants or in emergencies.  

Discuss your water needs with the family and keep in mind that they may fluctuate in different seasons.

Common Types of Tanks

Before you make a purchase, you need to know about the different types of storage tanks you can buy.

Fiberglass tanks are popular on commercial properties, they can store more water underground and don’t need as much space. These tanks are great for holding wastewater, stormwater, and potable water.

Stainless steel storage tanks are also popular since they can store liquids other than water. Many people use them for winemaking, dairy production, and chocolate.

Choose Between the Above or Underground Options

Whether you get a storage tank that’s above ground or below, you can make the most of stormwater.

Underground tanks made of fiberglass are very popular in residential settings because they are discrete and out of sight. Aboveground tanks, made with fiberglass, bolted steel, and folding materials also work reliably. Folding tanks are commonly used on farms and in firefighting situations because of their convenience.

Where your water tank goes will depend on your preferences and community guidelines. If you have a HOA, make sure the tank you want to install is permitted.

Compare Prices

Comparing storage tank costs can help you find an affordable option that meets your water needs.

The size and purpose of your water storage tanks will determine how much you will spend. You can find water tanks for less than $100, but these rarely hold enough water for a family. Some people purchase several water tanks at a lower price to save, instead of buying a larger and more expensive model.

If you want affordable industry pricing, has you covered. You can get a free quote for your water tank and start creating a budget.

Pick a Water Storage Tank & Start Collecting

Once you’ve identified your home or company’s water usage, you can pick a water storage tank with confidence.

Water storage solutions can help whether you need to water the plants, clean the car, or rinse off. Before you buy a storage tank, make sure it will work well in your environment and won’t freeze. You can save money and water by installing a simple system. Check out our page for more content about preparing for the unexpected and taking care of your home!

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