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What Are The Benefits Of The IMMEX Program As A Manufacturing Program?

Tacna is a TATA group Co. in Mexico. Tacna is mainly divided into three sub-parts. Each part provides its services. One part is comprised of shelter services, one is for technology business outsourcing, and the third part comprises manufacturing divisions.

The shelter services include the services of relocation and manufacturing in Mexico. Business process outsourcing provides the facility of machine learning and the development of AI. Manufacturing divisions means operating manufacturing companies in Mexico, such as their IMMEX program. To get a better understanding of the IMMEX program, let’s dive into the manufacturing division services provided by Tacna Mexico.

Benefits of manufacturing in Mexico

There are several benefits of opting for the manufacturing division by Tacna in Mexico. Some of the benefits are,

  • It features cost savings. It features saving in labor costs and medical premiums. They also provide worker’s compensation, and they also feature retirement benefit costs. Their supply chain is shorter and they feature lower logistics.  
  • Mexico is the 3rd largest trading partner in the US. There are many manufacturing companies in the US. These companies are enjoying low labor costs and are saving their money. They enjoy success also because of the cheap raw materials in the US.
  • Many characteristic features may attract you to choose Tacna Mexico such as the proximity infrastructure and the labor force. The Baja region, where this company is located, is very rich in the labor force. The important feature of Mexican labor is that they are educated and young. This region is supported by IMMEX, and IMMEX is a program sponsored by the government. This program helps foreign companies. Through this program, the foreign companies can manufacture in Mexico and they have to pay a very minimum amount of tax.
  • Many companies preferred China for manufacturing. As the wages and concentration of skilled laborers are decreasing in China, the best option left for foreign companies is Mexico. The wages offered by Mexico are very predictable and stable. A few years back, there was no competitor for China in the manufacturing industry. The success of the Mexico manufacturing industry can be assessed by the fact that nowadays Mexico is considered as one of the competitors of China in the manufacturing industry.
  • Foreign companies also prefer to choose the Mexico region because it features land, sea, and air routes. Foreign companies can easily access these manufacturers. The factories located in this region are very advanced. Many companies located in Mexico are ISO certified.
  • The manufacturing industry in Mexico is also famous for its packaging. The packaging is labor-intensive and features constant change to cope with the seasonality. The packaging takes care of the preferences of the consumers. Many products that are made in the US are packaged in Mexico.


If you want to hire Tacna, Mexico as a manufacturing company, you must have a lot of questions in your mind. You can contact the official website of Tacna, and they will surely provide satisfying answers to all your queries.

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