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What are the Health Benefits and Risk of Cannabis?

Cannabis is considered illegal in many countries and its states. In reality, cannabis or marijuana has been used to treat ailments for at least 3000 years. 

Yes! You heard it right. 

Marijuana has been proven to provide health benefits too. In case if you are wondering, is cannabis good or bad then you are at the correct place. Here we will list the health benefits and the risk that cannabis comes with. 

Health Benefits Of Cannabis 

Here are the health benefits of Cannabis listed below.

  • Relief from Chronic Pain 

Pain is a very common problem that we all face. It could occur because of any health issues or any accident. Cannabis has been proven to offer relief from pain as it alters pain. Cannabis has analgesic properties in it which helps in providing relief from pain and inflammation. 

Patients dealing with problems like arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. Besides providing relief from chronic pain, it also reduces inflammation and offers good sleep to the patients.

  • Helps in Relieving Stress and Anxiety 

Mental illness is a very common problem that many of us face and it should never be unnoticed. It is important to deal with mental problems with seriousness. Cannabis offers improved mental health as it has calming properties. Patients dealing with anxiety and stress can feel relief after using cannabis. 

It can change the mood of the patient and decrease the hormones that create anxiety and disorders. Mental illness can cause problems in physical health. Besides that, anxiety can lead to overthinking and also disturb the sleep cycle of an individual. Cannabis promotes sleep and improvises health conditions.

  • Fighting Cancer

Cannabis has been proven to fight cancer.  We all know how deadly cancer is. The presence of cannabinoids has the potential to stop cancer. It can turn off the gene called ID-1 which is the main cause behind the occurrence of cancer. 

The researchers in San Francisco performed a test on the cells of breast cancer which contained high levels of Id-1. When it was treated with CBD the level of Id-1 started decreasing in levels. 

This stopped the cancer cells from growing and spreading.  It has also been proven that marijuana can stop the growth of tumours too.

  • Helps in Nightmare Problems

Cannabis is proved to help individuals suffering from nightmare problems. The ones who have anxiety issues start having nightmares due to less sleeping habits and overthinking. 

As cannabis has healing properties and calming properties it helps in treating nightmare problems

Risk Of Cannabis 

Here is the Risk of Cannabis listed below.

  • Mental Health Problems

If someone uses marijuana on a daily basis then it can exacerbate the existing symptoms of bipolar disorder among individuals who are going through this mental health problem. Individuals who use marijuana regularly seem to experience suicidal thoughts. 

There is also a risk of depression for the ones who use marijuana. The ones who consume marijuana regularly have seen an increased risk of psychosis like schizophrenia.

  • Testicular Cancer

We know that marijuana has no link causing cancer. It has been studied and found by the National Academies of Sciences that marijuana has increased the risk of growing seminoma subtype of testicular cancer. Hence, consuming marijuana increases the risk of testicular cancer. 

  • Respiratory Diseases

Consuming marijuana causes an increased risk of chronic cough. It has been said that it can cause lung cancer too. It is blurry that if marijuana can cause worsening of lung condition or increase the risk of pulmonary diseases and asthma.

  • Cause Heart Problems 

Marijuana can also cause heart problems. It has been studied and found during autopsies of two young men in which the first one died due to some undetected heart problem whereas the other one was addicted to drugs and alcohol use. 

It has been suggested that people who have heart-related issues should avoid using Cannabis or marijuana.

It is important to keep the health benefits as well as the risks in mind. Marijuana is strictly prohibited in many places so before you consume it check on the internet about the laws of your place. Remember to consult with your doctor too especially if you are under medication of any type.

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