What is CBD Bioavailability and Ways to Increase it

What is CBD Bioavailability and Ways to Increase it

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As the CBD industry matures, we learn that many CBD products are more effective than others. People serious about taking CBD and experiencing the benefits are mindful of how much the body uses CBD and how much is wasted. Bioavailability is a trending topic in the industry because users are more conscious about the CBD going into their bodies. CBD oil drops are one of the most popular CBD products because it delivers a relatively high bioavailability without serious side effects.

What does CBD Bioavailability Mean?

CBD bioavailability means the amount of CBD readily available for the body to use. When we take CBD of any delivery method, some of the CBD will make it to the bloodstream where it can be used, and some will be wasted.

Many people are turned off because some of their CBD is wasted, but any delivery method will waste the valuable cannabinoid. Even smoking hemp flower has an efficiency rate that is determined by how effective the user is at inhaling the smoke.

Bioavailability rates change between different types of CBD. It is up to the user to determine what dose is best for them and what risks they are willing to take for maximum absorption.

How to Increase CBD Bioavailability?

The most effective way to take CBD is by inhaling the smoke. Our lungs are full of blood, making the transition from the smoke particles to the bloodstream easy. While smoking vapes or hemp flower is the most effective way to consume CBD with the highest bioavailability rates, the consequences could outweigh the benefits.

CBD Absorption

CBD edibles are the least effective way to take CBD products. The CBD is subject to passing through the digestive system, wasting much of the compound in the process. While absorption rates are low, taking a higher dose regularly will result in delivering the amount of CBD needed to create benefits.

The best ways to absorb CBD include taking CBD sublingually. We believe this is the best way to experience CBD because the bioavailability is high, and the side effects are almost non-existent.

CBD absorption rates vary from product to product; it is up to the user to decide what method fits their lifestyle and adjust the dose accordingly.

CBD Delivery Methods

We are lucky enough to have a legal CBD market available. This freedom gives the user an extensive number of choices when shopping for CBD. Because the industry has become so competitive, most online shoppers will have the opportunity to take advantage of a CBD sale. 

Delivery methods include transdermal cannabidiol (topical CBD), oil, edibles, pills, flower, or vape. All forms are available to online consumers. Choosing the method that fits your lifestyle is the most critical aspect. If you are taking your delivery method of choice regularly, bioavailability becomes less of a concern.

We strongly recommend finding a type of CBD product that you are going to take every day. If you are more accustomed to taking gummies than sublingual oil, you will benefit from a consistent dose over a higher bioavailability rate. Many people are turned off by the strong taste of CBD oil and prefer to deliver their amount through a delicious candy. Users starting should find the dose they are most comfortable with. This requires taking CBD over a few weeks to see if the CBD effects without any adverse side effects. Increasing bioavailability is best done through a consistent dose over extended periods.

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