Profit Sharing in Crypto

What is Profit Sharing in Crypto?

The cryptocurrency market provides many trading opportunities, but it requires traders to react quickly to price changes and be able to read a technical analysis. Therefore, more and more traders are turning to the use of algorithmic trading, which allows for the automation of trading operations and increases trading efficiency. However, purchasing a PRO package can be intimidating for novice traders, as it may not justify their investment.

Therefore, the crypto trading platform Cryptorobotics offers a profit sharing payment system, which is very beneficial for traders and allows them to launch automated tools without the need to pay for a subscription. Let’s find out what it is, how it works, and how it can be used to increase profits.

Profit Sharing

Definition of Profit Ыharing

Profit sharing is a way of compensating a trader whose channel a user subscribes to. It involves the user receiving a share of the profit earned from autofollowing, copy trading, or using crypto trading bots instead of paying a fixed amount for a subscription once a month. Thus, the user’s deposit is calculated as a percentage of the profit, which incentivizes the trader to trade more successfully and increases the user’s interest in achieving profitable results.

How does it work?

To start using profit sharing on the Cryptorobotics platform, the user needs to connect copy trading channels, autofollowing, or launch crypto bots.

There are two ways to connect to the crypto trading tools and use profit sharing:

  • The first method is to connect via a wallet, whereby the user makes a deposit to the internal account of the Cryptorobotics platform. This method is suitable for those who trade from their personal exchange account via API.
  • The second method is to connect via a subaccount. This method is suitable for those who trade through a subaccount on Binance. With this type of connection, payment for the service is automatically transferred.

How to Start with Profit Sharing?

Let’s take a look at how profit sharing works via wallet and subaccount using an example of one of the autofollowing channels.

Launching Profit Sharing via Crypto Wallet

To use this payment option, the user needs to go to the “Wallet” tab after connecting to the channel and select the crypto exchange and risk management strategy.

To configure the parameters of the autofollowing channel via Profit Sharing, the following parameters should be specified in the settings:

  • Trading balance
  • Number of trades to be executed
  • Trade amount
  • Maximum leverage (in case of working with futures exchanges)
  • Maximum allowable drawdown percentage.

All these parameters are directly related to a specific autofollowing function. After setting up the parameters, the profit sharing contract appears, where you can view the payment terms.

To start using this tool, you need to have a collateral payment in your wallet.

The size of this payment is calculated using the formula:

Trading balance * Expected monthly profit from the algorithmic tool * (Analyst’s share + CryptoRobotics’ share)

If you do not have enough funds in your balance, you need to top up your wallet.

When configuring a trading tool, several key parameters that affect its effectiveness should be taken into account. Among them are: trading balance, number of orders, trade amount, maximum leverage for trading (when working with futures), and the maximum allowable drawdown percentage. Then save all settings.

After saving the settings, the user will see the Profit Sharing contract window. After agreeing to the terms, they need to click the “Start Trading” button. If the user wants to stop using the auto-following service, they need to click the “Terminate Contract” button.

Profit Sharing using a subaccount

Launching Profit Sharing using a subaccount

When connecting to a trading channel, you need to select the “Sub-account” tab, where you can choose the exchange and risk strategy for your trading.

To launch the tool from a subaccount, you will need to select the necessary settings for the tool, which include:

  • trading balance,
  • number of trades,
  • trade amount,
  • maximum leverage for trading,
  • maximum allowable drawdown percentage.

All of these settings are applied to the auto-following function, which is one of the best for crypto trading. After configuring the tool and saving the settings, a profit sharing contract appears, which displays the conditions for profit distribution.

To start trading, you need to agree to the contract terms and click on the “Start Trading” button. If there are insufficient funds in your balance to cover the fees and generate a negative balance, the trading will be suspended.

After launching the autofollowing function, it begins to work automatically. To stop this process, simply click the “Terminate Contract” button.

Advantages of Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is a beneficial kind of payment for automating the trading process on the Cryptorobotics platform. Among its advantages are the absence of the need to purchase a PRO package, and access to the best features of the trading platform, such as cryptocurrency trading bots, copy trading, and autofollowing (AI bots). After connecting to Profit Sharing, the user gains access to advantageous conditions for automating trading on Cryptorobotics. Additionally, there is no need to spend time configuring and maintaining a trading bot, as all the work is done automatically based on market analysis.

How to use a profit sharing system on the Cryptorobotics platform?

To use the automated cryptocurrency trading tools with profit sharing system on the Cryptorobotics platform, follow these simple steps:

  • Register on the Cryptorobotics platform if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Go to the Algorithmic Trading section on the platform.
  • Choose one of the algorithmic trading functions (such as crypto bots, auto-trading, and copy trading) you want to use.
  • Connect the chosen function through a cryptocurrency wallet or a sub-account on the Binance exchange.
  • Specify all necessary parameters in the settings panel, such as trading balance, number of orders, trade amount, etc.
  • Start trading and monitor its results.


The Profit Sharing system on Cryptorobotics allows you to automate trading on favorable terms without the need to purchase a PRO package. Additionally, you gain access to the best features of the Cryptorobotics trading platform, including cryptocurrency trading bots, copy trading, and auto-following (AI bots).

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