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What Will Be Digital Media In 2020? Every Marketer Must Know It

Nowadays if you do not update your skills with time, then you may be left yourself far behind in this cut-throat competition. As a digital marketer, you must have an idea about what your customer wants Right?

You can predict consumer choices by conducting surveys or taking reviews and feedback. But wait! If you are performing only these ways, then you are doing a big mistake.


It is because of social media trends. These days, consumers want to be a part of the social trends with the expectation of getting more experience and entertainment. And no doubt that social media is constantly evolving with time which makes the work difficult for the marketers.

No matter how rigorously it is changing, as a marketer, you should know about the digital trends. The most important part is to update yourself and learn how you can get benefit from it.

You may find ways to know about digital media trends. Let us tell you that there is only one way to achieve it and, i.e. “Being Active on Social Media like tumlr

It is the only way through which you can know about media trends. According to that, you can create a strategy to gain more customers.

Still, if you face problems to find the trends, then you can read below. We have discussed three trends that you should follow in 2020 to conquer social media and rise the businesses.

Let’s get start…

3 trends to strengthen the Digital marketing technique

First, let us clear one thing that social media is a platform that changes within a second. But the below-mentioned points are evergreen and will surely work in the future too.

1.     Stream the content

It is one of the basic but still, people overlook it. The reasons are lack of time, poor content or not prepare for the stream.

You will be surprised to know that going live is one of the best ways to attract the audience and can generate leads. There are many advantages you can get from this technique such as:

Build the bridge between viewers and you: You may have watched YouTube ads but have you ever feel connected with those ads? In most cases, NO! But with going life can create a bridge through which you can create a direct relationship with them.

Send a message to millions: It is the major advantage that you can get from it. Once you go live, millions of people can get your message and you can generate leads. Here, you have to take care of one thing that you should not promote the product directly.

In a survey, it was found that most of the people do not prefer direct advertisement. If you sell the product with good content, then the chances to sell it will rise.

2.     Leverage the User Generated Content (UGC)

First, understand what user-generated content is. It is the content that may be in image, videos, text or audio uploaded by the users on social media platforms. This is known as user-generated content.

The best part is that it is included in the Content Curation. Curation considers various parts such as:

  • Sourcing
  • Annotating

It will help the company to produce the content according to the customer’s preference. Now, the chances that viewers will turn into leads to become high.

Many other benefits you may receive from the UGC. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Update lead nurturing
  • Enhance social media metrics
  • Maintain lead generation
  • Build brand awareness

You can see the benefits of UGC, no query it will work in the future too.

3.     Approach to micro influence

Creating unique content is not an easy task and it may be time-consuming. So it would be better if you can reach micro-influencer who has a strong following in these social media platforms.

It may introduce the cost but you can easily manage it with business budgeting or you can borrow money from investors or loans like startup business loan providers.

Now, you can use the money to create unique content or hire a micro influence. There are certain things that you should take care of before hiring the influencer.

  • Check the content first
  • Make sure he/she matches your company niche
  • Influencer must have authentic followers
  • Choose the right platform

Remember these things before signing a deal with them.

These are the three major trends that you can use to raise the business fast with spending less money. The best part is that you can apply this to every platform whether it is Instagram, Facebook or twitter but make sure the user base of that particular social media should be high. It will facilitate you to target the larger audience.

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