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Where To Exchange Metaverse Tokens Safely?

Where To Exchange Metaverse Tokens Safely?

Top Crypto Exchanges That Support Rare Coins

Metaverses are one way to expand the boundaries of the real world. While superficially similar to multiplayer online games, metaverses provide more opportunities for self-realization and earnings. In addition, the development of events in the metaverse is not programmed from the beginning.

Metaverses are based on the blockchain, which actually ensures decentralization and complete freedom of action for the characters, the randomness of the events taking place. Virtual worlds have their own monetary units, in which their inhabitants receive salaries and other types of rewards. With this money, the characters acquire digital property, goods necessary for arranging their living space, open bank accounts, etc.

Investments in the cryptocurrency of the metaverse – how to make money?

There are several options for investing in virtual spaces in direct and indirect ways. The first group includes:

  • Purchase of land for the purpose of further leasing, resale, creation and sale / promotion of games.
  • ETFs and stocks of the worlds are analogues of securities and funds (index) traded on real exchanges.
  • Acquisition and development of virtual creatures (animals, monsters, characters) for the purpose of using them to participate in competitions for a fee, or for resale.

Most of the currently popular metaverses are based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. To invest in the virtual world, you will first need to convert MATIC to BNB or buy coins of the world of your choice.

Indirect investment means assets with the ability to dispose of them independently of the metaverse. This may be the purchase of coins of the worlds with the expectation of an increase in their rate in the future. Virtual money can be resold on exchanges, spent on the purchase of goods/services, like any other cryptocurrency. Even more independent of their own universe are some non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Where to buy metaverse coins

Metaverses are a new and potentially lucrative market segment. Coins of popular worlds are in the TOP-100 by market capitalization and are traded on many major cryptocurrency exchanges.


Binance is the most famous international crypto exchange. In its actively developing ecosystem, there was also a place for metaverses, so when looking for a safe place to buy metaverse tokens, you will definitely come across this name. High liquidity, a large selection of promising coins and trading pairs, the presence of fiat gateways, a large number of trading and investment instruments are the most obvious advantages of the exchange. Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning the mandatory account verification.


Huobi Exchange is another trading platform with high liquidity. It supports about 700 cryptocurrencies, including some metaverse tokens. Several trading options are available on the platform: spot, futures, p2p. Margin trading and fiat currency input are supported. A large selection of functions for trading and passive income is complemented by a decent level of security. Account verification is not required


Crypto exchange Kraken is one of the oldest on the market. The platform provides the opportunity for spot, futures and margin trading, as well as some over-the-counter services. There are relatively few trading pairs compared to the market leaders, but only proven coins are added to the listing. High liquidity and trading volumes, a good reputation – perhaps this site has everything to attract potential customers. However, to access the functionality of the platform, verification is required.


Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses liquidity pools instead of order books. Within the framework of the exchange, you can exchange tokens, create and manage your own markets (liquidity pools), view your share in the liquidity pool, current exchange rates, etc. To work with decentralized platforms, registration and account verification are not required, it is enough to have a cryptocurrency wallet with DEX support .


The LetsExchange instant cryptocurrency exchange service provides the opportunity to buy and sell more than 2,000 coins and tokens. Transactions are executed automatically after filling out the exchange widget and confirming the application. Both quite popular directions like SHIB to ETH exchange are available, as well as rather rare ones. Account registration is not required.

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