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Which Places Around The World Are The Horniest For Cam Girls Websites?

Some people are just hornier than others, but where are this porn watching sex machines located and where are they watching the best cam girlswebsites 2021?

Oh, porn. You’ve been beneficial to so many people around the world. If you really think about it, it’s no wonder why so many people are big fans of pornography. And the evolution of modern technology is helping this romantic relationship between ordinary people and porn flourish.

With self-isolation regulations and social distancing thanks to the pandemic, loneliness has become an epidemic throughout many cultures around the world. One way people are tackling this lack of intimacy is through watching porn. But not just any kind of porn can effectively cure a case of loneliness. One of the best ways in which a person can fill the void in challenging times is to find the best cam girls websites. As pornography use becomes less taboo, and more people become open about their adult entertainment preferences, hopefully, we can one day get a clearer picture. But it isn’t always easy to gather information and scientific data on porn use, as a huge chunk of people that do indeed regularly watch porn, might claim that they don’t.

Especially when it comes to the best sites for cam girls, the data is pretty limited. This is a double-edged sword. The fact that there is little data to be shown, proves that cam sites do in fact offer a high level of privacy. This in itself is what draws many people from different geographical locations to prefer cam sites over traditional porn sites. But for now, we will have to rely on what data from Pornhub and CamSoda that we do have.

Who is watching the most porn/the best sites for cam girls, and where?

According to an analysis done by the adult entertainment giant Pornhub, the number one consumer of online porn is none other than, the United States of America, with the UK and Canada following closely behind.

Top horniest countries

According to the analysis, the United States is responsible for a whopping 40% of the entire site’s total traffic. That’s a massive amount of nearly 12 billion. And the numbers for the UK and Canada are not far behind. And all three countries seem to almost equally, search for erotic terms like “step mom” and “lesbian”. In the UK, a recent study shows that 62% of young Brits have watched porn in the last month.

And in that same study from the UK, 71% of the young Brits interviewed, said that they have discovered new and exciting ideas to try out in the bedroom, all thanks to porn.

After the top three, the next countries on the list to top the charts of most porn watchers is as follows: After Canada, comes India, then Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, and then Brazil.

But let’s take a closer look at the porn giant’s lesser-known stats when it comes to the best sites for cam girls, like Camsoda and LiveJasmin.

Fun facts about the USA and cam sites

Camsodareports that in the United States, the peak times for tokens used during cam girl chats in Utah is 3 pm on Sundays. Can you say, after church action?

Another strange stat from Camsoda, states that the peak time in the state of New York for tokens used on their cam girl site, is 4 am on Saturday! Apparently starting your weekend off in the right mood with the best cam girls websites is the way to go.

But perhaps an even stranger outlier of the states is Mississippi. Down south, they apparently like to spend their tokens on cam girls, at 3 am on Mondays.

According to an article in the Kansas City Star, coming from the state of Kansas in the USA, millennials frequent porn sites more than any other current generation. And when it comes to Pornhub page view traffic, “Kansas ranked No. 1 with more than 194 page views per capita — nearly 30 page views higher than No. 2 Nevada, with 166 page views. Missouri ranked No. 24 with 125.”

Final thoughts

With technology giving people easy access to the best sites for cam girls, webcam sites will surely continue to be a favorite among porn enthusiasts around the world. And not only will they remain a popular choice, but they will also continue to help people connect with others and stay happily horny during challenging and lonely times.

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