Who Is Better? A Freelancer or Full-Time Web Designer

Web design is the showcase of the standards that your organization maintains in producing and delivering the products/services. Just the first look for a few seconds creates the impression of your business in the visitors’ mind; and, the first impression quality may make the visitor a loyal customer or the permanently lost sales potential.

When businesses plan for having the best-designed website, budget emerges as the primary concern but there are many other also like the way to outsource web designer’s service.  Some businesses prefer to hire the dedicated web designers from a reputed web design firm, while some prefer a freelancer doing a one-man show. Both the options have their pros and cons; therefore, the comparison of both the options becomes a must-do exercise before going ahead.

Five Benefits of Hiring Full-Time Web Designer:

  1. Organized and Strategic Approach: Professional web designing companies have dedicated team of web designers well-versed in the latest techniques. These professionals have better exposure to the latest trends and practices of handling more projects with a diversity of business niche and region. The organized and strategic approach delivers you a cutting-edge competitive advantage.
  2. Benefits of Technology Upgrades: The leading in-house full-time web designers get more opportunities to brush up their web designing skills because clients expect the latest and the organizations support their professionals to learn the industry best skills. The technical excellence updated periodically support your business website to stay ahead in the race.
  3. Quality Content Support: After the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning elements in search results algorithms, the importance of content for each web page designing element like meta tag, meta description, title, URL, web page content, etc has increased more. The leading web development agencies have a knowledgeable team of copywriters, who empower the web designing plans by using the keywords and phrases schematically.
  4. Saving On Time: When the plans for having the best-designed business websites are executed, the completion period comes up as the major consideration. Full-time web designers working under the banner of an established web designing agency ensure better for on the time and early project completion because of having multidimensional support from in-house professionals.
  5. Post Completion Support: The successful web design hand over brings other challenges also for the web owners; even the best-designed start-up business website, small business website, corporate website or e-commerce website need consistent promotional, expansion, maintenance support. By hiring the full- time web designing professionals from a reputed web development company, web owners get the multi-purpose support from the same source.

Five Benefits of Hiring Freelance Web Designer:

  1. Less Cost: The freelance web designers have less overhead expenses because of working from a non-rented space; and, the major share of saving on overhead expenses is passed to clients.
  2. Consistency: One person working over your project with full responsibility maintains better consistency in approach from start to finish. He incorporates the best feasible approach to incorporate design elements, content, photography and UX elements, etc that he thinks the best fit for the particular business demands.
  3. Less Turn around Period: When you hire a freelance web designer, you can expect early project start because most of the freelancers work with limited load; and, they start working over your website almost immediately.
  4. Better Responsiveness: The freelance web designer is directly responsible for any flaw; so, you can expect a quick response with immediate solutions to your concerns. He can decide with more freedom – what to do, what can be done, how to do and up to when it can be done etc.
  5. More Personalized Service: When you hire a freelance web designer, you feel like having an employee; you can direct or convey your message with more authority. On the other side, freelance professionals also do value to your messages being more flexible because they want to retain the client at any cost.

When to Choose a freelancer or Full-Time Web Designer – Who Is Better? 

Hiring an in-house full-time web designer is a better option for the businesses planning to have large size web project or maybe in numbers that will naturally need regular maintenance and upgrade. For example, if you need a robust web application that advanced stage-specific technological understanding and in-depth know-how to maintain it app, you should definitely hire a full-time web designer from web designing company. If you need to update the website frequently in case of e-commerce stores or news blogs, full- time in-house web professionals should be your choice. If you need long-term support for your business website with the same approach, working module, convenience and sense of security, a full-time web designer is a good choice.

If you are planning to have a smaller size business website, the freelancer may be your choice. If you expect less support post-project completion and can afford little delay because of personal non-availability of that professional, hiring a freelance web designer may be good to save the cost. The idea of saving more by hiring freelance web designer may click if you too have basic knowledge about web development and can handle small problems by self. If you think you don’t need to chase the professional frequently once the project is completed or once you convey your requirements, opt for freelancer. If your business website doesn’t contain valuable and sensitive data, you can opt for freelancer. If you are working in a service sector and can’t afford even the small downtime in services, a freelancer is not your cup of tea.

Concluding Note:

As the competition in each business sector is growing fast because of the evolving technology and emerging markets, having the best technical excellence has become a necessity; although, it costs but you have to have it by hiring the full-time web designers from a reputed web design company. The services of full-time web designers come with several key advantages that you often miss in case of a freelancer; for example, you can’t take granted the services of freelancer available for long-term. The selection between both the options depends upon – nature of the requirement, business nature, budget, available technical expertise, flexibility, overall marketing plan, expansion plan, etc.

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