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Why is an SSL Certificate Essential for Your Website?

Ever wondered why you need an SSL certificate for your website? Well if you do not know, then it’s time to learn about its importance. 

Just like how one needs a seatbelt while driving and a helmet while sitting on a motorbike, similarly a website needs an SSL Certificate. The full form is Secure Socket Layer and it can be defined as an encryption technology that helps to build a connection between web servers and the web browser of the user. 

Okay! In easy terms, it provides security to the websites, saving them from online malware attacks and hacks. This SSL certificate is something that every website should have. 

Google has added value to websites that have SSL certificates. It ensures that the visitor of that particular site is safe from any kind of online threats. 

Here are some of the reasons that will help you to know why you need an SSL certificate for your website.

  • Protects the Data

The most advanced feature that an SSL certificate comes with is protecting the communication between the server and the client. It encrypts the information. SSL helps to lock the data that can only be unlocked when the intended recipient does so.

It also helps to protect sensitive data like IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, and others from hackers and cybercriminals. It makes the visitors stay longer on the websites.

  • It Affirms One’s Identity 

Another important reason why you should have an SSL certificate for your website is it provides authentication to the site. When websites try to install the SSL certificate, they have to go through a validation process which is taken up by Certificate Authority (CA). 

When the verification is done, the websites receive trust indicators which further helps the users to know that they have landed somewhere that is trustworthy. 

In short, an SSL certificate not only saves the reputation of a brand’s website but also the user from getting scammed.

  • Helps to Get Better Ranking in Search Engine 

It is another benefit that your website will receive after installing an SSL certificate. It will bring improvements in SEO rankings and your site will be more visible on your desired keywords. 

Websites that have HTTPS-enabled received the upper hand and more preference from Google and other search engines. It also benefits the websites to beat the competitors who still have not installed SSL certificates for their websites. 

  • Helps to Gain the Trust of Customers

SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer should be renamed as Trust Transmitting Layer or TTL. This is because it helps a website to gain the trust of its customers in no time. 

The website gets displayed with a security padlock in the address bar of the browser which ensures the visitors that their privacy is guaranteed. 

It also makes them believe that it is safer to connect with you and proceed with business-related matters. Any website that does not show a padlock is referred to as unsafe by the visitors. 

  • Keeps the Subdomains Safe

SSL certificate keeps the subdomains safe as well along with the parent domain which is why it is also known as the Wildcard for safety. All the subdomains can be kept saved with the single SSL only. 

Brand websites that are larger and have several subdomains should choose to use SSL certificates. If one wants separate certificates for each of their subdomains then they need to install a standard SSL certificate. 

As the use of the internet has made things easier and faster, it has also increased the need for protecting websites. It is because the internet is full of hackers and cybercriminals.  The website owners and the users always look forward to using secure connections so that their privacy does not get hampered. If you want your business website to rank top on the search results and become successful, SSL certification is almost mandatory! 

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