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How to Write Enticing Product Descriptions

How to Write Enticing Product Descriptions

Web copy isn’t for everybody, although every business owner needs it. If you’re not one with the gift of gab, writing snappy product descriptions might be a challenge for you.

A few copywriting tips might help you get on your way to something more effective, though. We’re going to talk about writing effective copy today, hopefully giving you the writing chops needed to sell more copy.

Let’s take a look at some new ways to think about writing product descriptions.

1. Find Examples of Compelling Copy

Start with inspiration. You can find plenty of examples of great web copy on your competitors’ sites. Generally speaking, though, the principles of product description writing don’t vary from niche to niche.

Browse around on Amazon or Facebook for an hour or so. Take some notes. Which product descriptions speak to you?

Do you find yourself actually wanting to buy anything you’re seeing? If so, that’s a sign that there’s great web copy.

2. Concise Product Descriptions

The baseline effort for your web copy needs to include clear descriptions. Don’t muddle the point of your post by trying to get too fancy with your language.

Start by writing a description that’s as concise as possible. Make something that anyone could see without any question of the product in question. That’s your bread and butter, and you can add a little flare once you lay the foundation.

3. Add Personality Second

Now that you’re situated with a clear, yet boring product description, you can start playing around. Add some of the ideas that you noticed in the effective copy you found on Amazon or on other sites.

Ask yourself how you could make the description feel like an extension of your brand. How can you offer a distinct personality in the context of a few hundred words?

You might add product-specific examples. For example, “Perfect for relaxing after a tough day dealing with people” might work as a tongue-in-cheek bullet point for a beer brand.

4. Hire a Copywriter

If you’re not seeing success with your personal copy, it’s never a bad idea to hire a professional. Copywriters will help you sell more products. Plain and simple.

You can explore different services to find a new copywriting hire as well. These are professionals who can revitalize your web copy, blog content, product description, and email correspondence.

The language on your business media is the voice of your brand. Most people find new brands by looking online, so web copy holds a much higher value than most people appreciate.

A professional copywriter would not only benefit your product descriptions, but they might take your website to a level that benefits your SEO, improves sales, and freshens up your general brand voice.

Want to Learn More About Business Marketing?

Nailing product descriptions is just one small piece of digital marketing. There’s a lot more involved, and it’s important to stay up on your research. We’re here to help.

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