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Things To Do For Sisters

10 Things To Do For Married Sisters

India is a country with a rich culture and an undoubtedly prestigious heritage. With it all comes the age-old tradition of marrying daughters to a family that loves and respects them equally. From child marriages to arranged marriages to love marriages these days, the way of going about it may have changed, but the culture of leaving your house and living with new people is still in place. The good thing is that people don’t mind it very much and it is an instead appreciated day, waited for, for many years. When marriages are consensual and independent women are conversing about getting married, there’s not much to worry about. But the pain of still leaving behind your family and not seeing faces you have grown old with is like a stone weight to the heart. It is like a saga where everything is beautiful except for the time when the girl has to go. And while everyone is crying, the ones who aren’t are the brothers of the bride. But only they know the pain they feel seeing their sister go so far away from them. And today’s post is about sharing that unconditional love with your sisters through unparalleled ways. If your sister lives away from you, too, here’s how you can curb the gap between you two.

  • Gifts on occasions

Send rakhi online with gifts for married sisters and brothers that you can get online and get them delivered too. Couple gifts or photo frames, keychains and other such cute and little presents can be good choices to go for.

  • Phone calls every day

Call your sister every day and talk just like old times. Don’t let the unconditional bond fade away once she is married and find some time for each other. Ask her about her day and tell her your plans.

  • Social media affection

Displaying affection on social media is the new thing and a great one, too, if you know how to do it right.  Tag her in old pictures, make an effort with a post or a story dedicated to her. Send memes to her for jolly laughter every day and let the spirit of love go on.

  • Little presents every now and then

Send her little presents in place of big yearly ones. A keychain, a customised pillow and things like these make good sense. Send it to her and gift her when you meet; it will be like a collection of tokens she will have from you.

  • Surprise efforts

The best thing to do is surprise your sister when she is not expecting something. Meet her on a weekday, take her for a drive, spend some time and make her feel at home. You can even send a bouquet for her at midnight.

  • Midnight ice cream dates

Take her out to have ice cream at midnight and get her the best flavour and maybe a combination of a lot of flavours. You can go for a famous parlour and make it a monthly thing or so.

  • Surprise visits

Visit her at her office, house and spend some time with her and the family. Remind her of what times were like when you were together and enjoy the beautiful time. Don’t follow any traceable timetables and surprise her each time. 

  • Annual trips

Plan an annual trip with her and both families and make it a yearly thing. Plan from the beginning of the year to be able to complete the trip well in time. And make sure that the decided destination is liked by all.

  • Show of support

Let your sister know that you are there for her no matter what and that you will always be her back. No matter the distance, she should know that you are out there watching out for her.

  • Age-old childish things

There are things everyone does being siblings and especially more when it’s all about childhood and silly funny games. Don’t let that fade away, and keep those silly things in place always.

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