12 Color Combinations Schemes Ideas for Your Living Room

A living room is the best place to relax and enjoy your favorite TV programs. People spend most of their time in the living room, whether they want to relax, read, or spend time with family members. Therefore, people always try to maintain their living room with pleasing colors and comfortable accessories.

Colors affect the way you feel in a room or any space in your home, and the living room is no exception. A combination of the right colors can make a living room the best place in your home. You can use a variety of color combinations to enhance the visual appeal of your room. Let us check out these beautiful color combinations to improve any living room.

Canary Yellow & Indigo

Canary Yellow & Indigo

Bold canary yellow can be the focal color for your living room. Combined with the tones of indigo and create an inviting environment in the living space. Introduce a shibori throw or pillow as your indigo accent to add texture and pattern to your palette. For extra impact, for a cohesive, well-rounded look that shines, paint a complementary statement wall.

Blue and Yellow

Yellow and vibrant blue can create a great color combination for your living room. Less trendy than a highlighter, without being distracting, this electric combination makes a big impact. Pairing them with neutral tones such as black and white, this combination looks particularly stunning.

Turquoise Coast

Turquoise Coast

Bright Turquoise coast color can create fantastic shades and a powerful statement for your living room. Playing off the graphic colors with hand-painted wallpaper, sofa fabric, and red pillows headline the vibrant palette in your room.

Salmon and mustard

When combined with salmon, the golden mustard color received a punchy pop. Both these colors work best when paired with a cool tone like blue. Try to select them from a broad statement piece, such as an area rug, for a pulled-together palette when playing around with a triad of tones.

Bubble Gum & Black

Bubble Gum & Black

The pink color gets a stylish makeover when it is paired with a beautiful black wall. Such colors set the stage for neutral tones and a mixture of eccentric patterns that make this room feel exotic but not too wild. A combination of pink and black cushions on a sofa can create a fascinating seating space in your living room.

Blush with Sky Blue

Highly popular in 2016, the blush and blue pair feels serene and stylish with warmer tones like orange and yellow. This look is as smooth as it is new, and homeowners will always love the combination of these colors. You can also use the orange color of cushions in place of mustard.

Berry and Cobalt

Berry and Cobalt

Bright shades of cobalt and berry can immediately infuse personality into any room. Not buying a bold piece of furniture like that? Try the look with a colorful tapestry on the wall and make in minutes over your room. Showcase these colors with a few throw pillows to add an extra punch.

White and Cream

White is a neutral tone that matches any color perfectly. Cream produces a warm atmosphere and gradually removes white’s monochromatic appearance. As for the light brown, this comes from the wood and accents, creating highlights in various areas of the room.

White with Yellow, Pink, and Red

White with Yellow, Pink, and Red

Do you like fresh, vibrant spaces? You’ll then like this mix of colors to make your room look bigger. White, mixed with several colorful details, will make it possible for us to forget the lack of room space. Adding wallpaper with a blue pattern plays its part in creating an illusion of space.

Corel, Navy, and Goldenrod

In a trio of vibrant colors, playful fabrics and finishes make this colorful living room look trendy, not stuffy. Try to echo one of the accents (in this case, navy) colors around the entire room that will tie the whole look into a more cohesive, less chaotic space.

Sage and Ivory

Sage and Ivory

A palette of crisp ivory and pale sage can turn a room into a sanctuary that looks like a spa. If it sounds intimidating to paint the entire floor, try to lay light green carpet for a similar effect. The key to achieving a serene look is to maintain neutral furniture and accents while allowing some plants to add movement to space.

Beige and Red

This patterned carpet’s rich red threads set the room’s mood while the sofa covers and chairs pick up signals from it. So if you love the color but aren’t brave enough to paint a red wall, that’s your idea! Incorporate beige into the image to balance red’s lushness. Bring upholstered furniture in beige and complete the look with a high green plant backdrop.

Final Words

These color combination schemes can create the best visual appeal for your living room. If you want to use the colors on walls, you can hire a professional service like residential painters Artarmon to achieve the best quality. Whatever color combination you choose, you need to use your creativity to enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

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