Cook A Fish

4 Ways You Can Cook A Fish Without The Smell

We love cooking and eating seafood including fish. But no one enjoys that stinky odour that we have to welcome with the fish. As every human hates that so we dug and figured out four incredible ways to cook the fish without foul smell.

You must agree that fish smell is so strong that sometimes it never goes even after finishing the meal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid cooking your favourite fish at home just because of the smell because we have got some really efficient solutions for you.


If you cook a fish in water, the flesh will remain soft and tender. In this way, the smell will entirely remain in the water and contain by its bath. How to do it;

  • Bring a medium-sized pot or large skillet of water or broth to a simmer
  • Now season the cooking liquid with any herbs and spices that you love
  •  Add the fish fillets into the water.
  • Maintain a low simmer. Keep it slow and gentle until the fish cooks are thorough and flaky

Parchment Baked

Here we present another interesting and feasible way to cook the fish. You can checkout Huon Aqua  and satisfy your Salamon craving now!

You will seal fillets in parchment that will keep the fish moist and the smell will under wrap automatically. How to do that;

  • First of all, organize the fillets in the centre of a large piece of culinary parchment paper
  • Now add  veggies and aromatics at the top
  • In the end,  seal it by folding the parchment edges over each other
  • Remember the baking time will vary depending on the size of the cut. For instance, an 8 oz fillet can be cook through in about 15 minutes at 400°


If you want to know what is the most surefire way to get rid of the fish smell, we would say Grilled. Without any doubt, it is the most efficient way to keep the fishy smell confined to your kitchen only. How to do that;

  • Firstly, grease the fish and place it skin side down
  • Secondly, put it on medium-low fire
  • In case you don’t trust the delicate flesh to stay put, then roast it in a grill-safe pan (like a cast-iron skillet)
  • You can also use some wood planks for grilling if you want to Simply Add Baking Soda Before Cooking

In the end, we tell you the most easiest and quickest method to stop the foul smell of fish.

You must know that baking soda absorbs the unwanted odours. Baking soda is amphoteric. That means it can react with substances as an acid or a base and neutralize most unpleasant odours.

So if you leave the fish in a bowl with a pinch of baking soda for a night, you will wake up to a soft and non-stinky fish. We hope that you enjoyed the above-mentioned interesting ways to combat the fish smell.

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