7 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Sound Quality

Guitars are now available in every price range. If you search online, you can buy a guitar at a price ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The guitars are now available on a broader price range than ever. However, the sound quality differs significantly between the base models and high-end guitars.

Nowadays, there are different ways you can enhance and spice up your guitar sound through the use of special guitar equipment like guitar amps and pedals. Music Critic has a list of this special guitar equipment that will surely get you going on your guitar learning journey.

If you have bought or looking to buy a cheap guitar, it may not sound good to meet your expectations. You need to do many things to improve its sound quality and make it feel nice to play in your hands. Let us know some tips and tricks to improve the sound quality of your guitar.



Usually, the strings are less than perfect that you get on a cheap guitar. Changing the strings may be the easiest thing you can do and it can make the most of the difference. So this is a great starting point. Buy some high-quality nylon or steel strings from a guitar store and install them on your guitar to feel the difference in sound.

Bridge Pins

One of those simplest is to switch the pins of the bridge. Cheap guitars often save money by putting in cheap parts like saddle, bolt, tuners, and bridge pins. The bridge pins come in and out quickly–any time you change the strings anyway, they have to come out. So getting a new, better set doesn’t cost too much, but it will affect the sound quality for better.

Switch from plastic to brass

If your guitar costs less than $200, there is a perfect chance that it has plastic nuts, saddles, and sticks. Plastic is suitable, it does the job, but as with other products, it may not work fine. For example, the bone gives you a softer, warmer sound, while brass gives you a brighter bite sound. You can find a complete set of bone pins, a belt, and a nut for less than $20, and you can improve your guitar’s sound in less than an hour with little more than a bit of sandpaper, a flat surface, and some glue.

Install new tuners

Install new tuners

While a new set of tuners will not automatically enhance your guitar’s sound, it may well boost your guitar playing experience. Whether you find that it’s hard to tune, or that it sometimes goes out of sync, there’s a good chance it’s packed with sub-par machine heads. You can get a decent but cheap collection of tuners in less than $20, with a high-end option still below the $70 level.

Even, if your machine heads/tuners get a stick or difficult to turn, it’s tough to tune the guitar. Nice heads/tuners of the unit are more pleasant to work with and much more likely to keep your guitar in tune.


Replacing the saddle might be a bit tougher than changing the bridge pins, but it can make a big difference in sound.

If your guitar has a plastic saddle, you can replace it with a saddle of high-quality material for better tone. You can use a bone saddle or some other high-quality material.



Also, it’s more complicated to adjust the nut than adjusting the saddle. Typically, the saddle rests loosely in the bridge, so it falls out quickly. But, as the nut is fitted firmly in place–so it’s harder to remove it.

But if you’re willing to learn or if you are ready to hire someone to change it, changing the nut could make a difference to the guitar’s sound as well. That way – whether you change the nut or the pad, you’ll need to make sure the guitar is at the right height so your intonation and playability won’t be affected.


Many people prefer a higher action – but most people prefer a lower action. And some cheap acoustics are too good to even for those who prefer a low action. That’s something you can try to do yourself – though it’s going to take some time.

Whatever you do, it’s worth it, as this alone will make playing the guitar more enjoyable. There’s also a risk you’ll get a guitar with too low action. In this case, fret-buzz can occur (wherein the string you get a buzzing sound when you click on certain frets). You will most likely want the matter to be taken in this situation.

Final words

These are some tips and tricks to boost the sound quality of a guitar. You need to replace the low-quality parts with high-quality accessories. All the accessories mentioned in this post are available in guitar shops. People living in Melbourne can get these accessories from a guitar shop Melbourne. Spending a few dollars on your basic acoustic guitar can improve the sound and playability significantly.

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