Saturday , September 18 2021
Pet Transportation

Airpets Offers Multi-Species Pet Transportation Internationally

Pet animals are an inseparable part of our families. From their diet and health to leisure and entertainment, pet parents want only the best for their babies. But when it comes to pet travel, all of us find ourselves limited with choices available. To tackle this need for dependable pet relocation solutions, AirPets offers end-to-end pet transport, and travel services across the country and overseas.

Recently, AirPets successfully relocated a turtle, making it AirPets’s first turtle transport. This adds another notch in the quality and dedication that the team at AirPets offers to pet parents across the globe. Their reliable services have made them a popular choice for pet transportation in India and other parts of the world.

About AirPets

AirPets is India’s premier pet relocation and transport services, provider. Based out of Delhi, the company offers dependable travel and transport solutions to help you take your pet animals anywhere in the world. Varun Siddhartha, Founder & Managing Director of AirPets says, “Pet parents are always concerned about the safety and comfort of their babies during relocation. Our objective is to make the pet transport process easier and smoother as possible. We keep animal safety as our main concern, whether its domestic travel or international transfer. ”

Trustworthy Pet Transport

The available modes of transportation are fairly inadequate for carefully relocating animals, often limiting in comfort and safety. AirPets helps you eliminate the hassles of transporting your pets from one part of the world to the other, with their all-round solutions. The company has a team of experienced and diligent professionals who arrange and oversee every aspect of the relocation process.

So far, the company has safely transported pets to and from the US, UK, Australia, and many other countries. AirPets is also a member of IPATA, which means that their team has a large network of pet travel associates around the globe to facilitate transport processes. They also provide high-quality kennels and other essential items for pet travel to make transport hassle-free.

Another highly popular service offered by AirPets is pet boarding, which enables pet parents to leave their animals with the company in case they cannot take their pets for short trips and vacations. The company employs professional caretakers who offer 24X7 care to your pets with ample playtime, engagement while adhering to your pet’s feeding schedules and medication prescriptions.

All details about the services can be found on AirPet’S website, which also has pet transport products available for sale. Pet parents interested in transport can contact the company at +91-9257-123-123 to get more information or to discuss their relocation needs.

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