Common Bike Problems

Common Bike Problems & How To Fix Them

Whether you only ride brand-new beach cruiser bikes or you’ve had the same beat-up old bike for years now, knowing how to address common bike problems is an essential skill. Every bike is bound to run into an issue here or there eventually, so knowing, for instance, how to check the tire pressure or having experience changing rear bike tire can really come in handy at unexpected times. Even if you’re a fairly new bike owner and you’re not sure what problems might come up, this quick guide can help you become well versed in the main issues to watch out for, and how to address them right away.

Tire Issues Are Common But Can Easily Be Addressed

The most common issues most bike rides run into have to do with the tires. There are several types of tire problems you might experience, such as:

• Low tire pressure
• Flat tires
• Pinch flats, which may require better air pressure
• Poor or worn-down tread in your tires

Don’t get too worried, though – all of these can be easily addressed with a little know-how. Be sure to check your tire pressure every time before you go out for a ride, and practice tire replacement when you can so you’ll be prepared for it when you need to be.

Quickly Repair a Slipping Chain

If you feel your bike chain slipping, don’t waste any time in addressing the issue. A chain that’s slipped usually means it’s come off the cogset, and fortunately, this is a fairly easy issue to address. You just have to put the chain back on by putting it at the bottom of the rear cog and then placing it back over the front chainring. You may not be able to continue riding until the chain is back in its place.

Check for Creaking Wheels, Pedals and Brakes, Too

While slipping chains and tire problems might be among the most frequent issues you’ll encounter with your bicycle, don’t forget to check for some smaller problems as well. In particular, you’ll want to give your wheels, pedals, and brakes a look-over before you go out for a ride. Squeaking brakes, for instance, could be a sign of excess debris on your bike pad, meaning it’s time for a deep clean. Similarly, creaky pedals could mean you need to re-lubricate the bolts and tighten them some more. Finally, if your wheels are making strange noises, you might have to tighten loose spokes or check that the junction is well lubricated.

Whether you’ve been a bike rider for years or you’re just now getting into the exciting and fascinating sport, keeping up with bike maintenance is essential not only to the bike’s condition but to your safety as well. Before you hit the road for your next bike ride, be sure to go through this checklist of common bike problems and remind yourself how to address each one should they crop up. A little time spent on bike safety checks now could make all the difference later!

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