Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Common Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Home renovations always seem like a good idea in principle, but once they get going they can be tricky to manage and stressful to undertake. Of course, that is not a reason not to go ahead with your project! It just means that you should do plenty of research before getting started. To help you out, here are six common mistakes that people make when renovating their homes, and how to avoid them.

1. Underestimating costs and/or going over budget

Money is always a key factor in any renovation project, which means that putting together an accurate estimate of costs and sticking to your budget is critical. When doing so it is important to remember that renovating very often ends up costing more than you anticipate, so it is advisable to add 20% to your budget as a buffer. Plus be strict with yourself at sticking to the figures you have decided on, and do not be swayed by people trying to upsell you.

2. Always picking the cheapest option

Although it is important to stick to your budget, it is also a good idea not to always choose the lowest estimate you are given. If a quote from a contractor is much lower than all the others, ask yourself why and check reviews before hiring them. Cutting corners or using cheap materials is going to cause you problems in the long run, and most likely end up costing you more overall.

3. Not preparing for the unexpected

Things very rarely go entirely to plan in renovation work, so be sure to anticipate some roadblocks when considering budget and timelines. If you run into problems financially you can always apply for distressed/foreclosure loans if your original loan or funding does not work out. That way you can get back on track quickly and ensure you can finish your project.

4. Trying to do everything yourself

Many people have this romantic idea of taking on the majority of renovation work themselves, however unless you have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to do these kind of DIY projects it is best to call in the professionals instead. It might be more expensive, but the alternative is that you might end up causing yourself bigger problems in the long run either in terms of cost, safety, or quality.

5. Doing too much at once

Renovations can be stressful, especially if you are living in the house while they are being done. Therefore consider focusing on one area of the house at a time, so that you can keep the rest of your home neat and tidy, manage your budget more easily, and always have a calm space to retreat to when it all gets too much!

6. Picking style over substance

When we see gorgeous interior design pictures in glossy magazines it is easy to think we want that for our homes too, but in reality there is more to consider than just aesthetics. Remember that you have to actually live in the space, and potentially sell it on in the future, so it needs to be practical too. Consider what you use each room for, and make sure it fulfils that function as well as looks good.

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