How to Decorate a Small Master Bedroom

How to Decorate a Small Master Bedroom: A Decorator’s Insights

Having a small bedroom by no means should hold you back from decorating it tastefully and ergonomically. Any bedroom, including a very tiny bedroom, too can be decorated and amplified as a much larger space.

The trick to creating this beautiful space lies in smart planning and optimising the small carpet area available to you. This includes embracing the less is more idea. You can however, make your designs as bold as you want, while respecting your space.

Good to know: As per a research from the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company, since the 1930’s our homes are getting smaller and smaller and the average size of the master bedroom has gone from 15.34m² in the 1930s to present day 13.37m² .

Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement in your  small master bedroom to give it a larger than life personality with a subtle hint of elegance.

Keep it Simple

The layout of your small master bedroom does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, simple ideas like using the main wall for your bed placement does the trick. Instead of going all fancy by placing a floating bed frame in the middle of the room or poised at the corner, you can simply put your bed slightly in the middle of the room and not right up against the wall. This allows you to have some space to walk around and encourage fresh flow of energy in all nooks and corners.

Have Built-Ins

Your small master bedroom cannot afford to waste space but you need that shelf! The easiest way to arrive at an agreement is to go for built in storage at the head of the bed. You can spruce this space up with elegant corners and adorn it with simple accessories that add color to the space.

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Natural Light is Your Friend

Light in a small room can make it look more open and bigger by creating an illusion of pace. Dark colors may feel more cozy and sleep inducing but they don’t work during the day when you want to invite the natural light in.

Light colored walls tend to reflect the natural sunlight and illuminate your small bedroom, making it more welcoming. Try ensuring that the natural light entering your bedroom is free from obstructions and follows a clear path. In case you are unable to paint the walls in lighter hues, you can always fix up a mirror on one of them which will reflect the light all across the rooms.

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Measure Your Room

It is always tempting to go for a luxurious option when shopping for your bedroom. While we all want our bedrooms to replicate the Royal House, it is impossible to do so because of the sheer small size.

The king-size bed measurements are a tad bit too much for a small master bedroom but a queen-size bed can do the trick. Knowing your room measurements like the back of your hand helps you keep in mind what may or may not fit and help you make informed decisions without compromising on style and interiors.

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Headboard in the Wall

This is not exactly a common idea but if you have the liberty, having a headboard into the wall or built in cabinets are smart choices that allow utility and space saving to combine and give your small bedroom and eclectic look.

Create an Accent Wall

You can only move around your bed and change your curtains so much and yet you wake up in a blah room. However, you can give an Accent Wall a chance to spruce up your space. Accent walls are the basically one of the four walls that have been in a brighter or a completely different way to add a bit of a punch to the drab uniformity.

The ideal wall is often the wall behind your headboard as it is the first thing one may notice when they walk in. However, there are no obligations and you can choose the wall that receives the maximum natural light in the room. 

You can go for cool colors such as blue, green on purple that often pulls the wall from your eyes/vision, making the room seem wider. These options are most suited fro side walls of a narrow room that creates the illusion of wider set space.

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Take a Peek at All Angles

Yes we know that we asked to stay simple but if you have the bandwidth, you are allowed to add a bit of drama and you can do this by making things a bit angular around the room. Shake things up by placing your bed slightly diagonally, or use a classic headboard with a vintage screen touch instead of the big burly one as the focal point of your room.

The idea behind this diagonal approach is to make things more clear and elegant instead of being smacked by simply placing the items around your room. This kind of layout increases the illusion of more space and also increases the visual appeal of your small but tastefully decorated bedroom.

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Try Foldable Beds

Sometimes there is just not enough space for everything. In such cases, you can deploy a foldable bed mattress that allows you to have a comfortable sleep at night and a spacious room during the day. You can simply fold it and tuck behind your closet or your study desk and bring it out when needed. It is a great option especially if your room is also your workspace.

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Match Your Furniture and Wall Color

While it is understandable that large size furniture do not work well with small bedrooms, there is still room for a few exceptions.  A canopy bed is bound to take up the entire space of your small master bedroom, making it stuffed and unnecessarily cramped. However, this may not be the case if your bed color matches the wall color as the same color blend eliminates the contrast and makes it seem like one holistic setting.

Wrapping it Up

With decreasing home sizes and improving lifestyles, now is the time to focus on smart decoration. Designers are now focusing on designing interior spaces without disrupting the space while keeping in mind the aesthetics. Seems like a tall order but certainly not impossible!

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