What Is FamiSafe

How To Defend And Keep Your Children Safe On-Line with Famisafe Parental Management App

It is quite common for folks to relinquish a smartphone to their children for instructional and recreation functions. This move comes with its own edges likewise as some considerations. the net is stuffed with malicious and adult content that you just won’t wish your children to accidentally consume. Also, you’d wish to stay a detailed eye on put in the apps your children use and their browsing history. Apple offers a screen time app feature with parental controls however it’s restricted in some ways that is wherever Wondershare’s FamiSafe resolution comes in.

FamiSafe app offers a whole cross-platform resolution to guard and keep your children safe on-line. Wondershare guarantees to produce the foremost reliable parental management app with a bunch of options to stay track and limit the usage of your kids’ phones.

What Is FamiSafe? Why must you transfer It?

FamiSafe’s parental controls aren’t restricted to App Usage and Screen Time report. It conjointly covers activity reports with App Timeline, Deleted/Installed apps, the flexibility to filter web page, read browsing history, family surveyor with location history, geofences, and period of time location. Besides, it’s simple to line informed your device likewise as on your kids’ smartphones. Let’s take a whole investigation of all FamiSafe options.

  • FamiSafe Functions
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • A Detailed Activity Report
  • App Usage and Blocker
  • Screen Time Report
  • Smart Schedule and Block Device
  • The Ability to Filter web page
  • Parental Alerts
  • Family surveyor
  • Multi-device Support together with Kindle hearth
  • Follow the steps below to line up and use the service from scratch.
FamiSafe app

Step 1: transfer and install the FamiSafe app on your device likewise as on your child’s smartphone.

Download FamiSafe from Google Play

Download FamiSafe from Apple Store

Download FamiSafe from Amazon

Step 2: Open the app on your phone and register mistreatment of your email ID and positive identification.

Step 3: Register yourself as Parent.

Step 4: Add a Pin to guard the app settings.

Step 5: Open FamiSafe app.

Step 6: whereas putting in place the service, the app can raise many permissions to stay track of device usage, on-screen content, and admin-level access. Do enable all of them for the graceful operate of the Parental management service.

Step 7: currently, sign up mistreatment a similar login credentials and register yourself as a child.

Step 8: withdraw to your primary device (where you’re registered as a parent).

Step 9: From the house screen, you may be ready to see your kids’ device with the name at the higher right corner. From a similar menu, you may see all the connected devices as children.

The home screen displays the present location with the battery share of your child’s device. Scroll down and take a look over Screen Time and Today’s activity report that shows the timeline of opened apps with usage time. What’s spectacular is that you just will see what number of YouTube videos your child saw throughout the phone usage.


Activity Report

FamiSafe offers a close activity report of your child’s device. It offers a timeline of your opened apps. you’ll be able to even return to the previous day and see the activity report.

Browser History

FamiSafe permits you to look at browser history on your child’s device. simply visit the options tab and open the Browser History menu.

Screen Time and App Usage Limit

Many oldsters are reaching to appreciate this feature. you’ll be able to take a glance at your kid’s screen time usage. FamiSafe conjointly offers a close breakdown of usage with the apps list. you’ll be able to conjointly set a deadline for every and block the app usage for your kid. I favour however FamiSafe reason the app’s usage with photography, media, and alternative classes.

Advanced internet Filter

Wondershare’s parental management app permits you to line an online filter on your child’s device. you’ll be able to open the app, choose your child’s device, and move to the options menu. Open the internet filter and take a glance at internet classes. you’ll be able to block them and even add exceptions sure as shooting websites.

YouTube App management

This is a welcome add-on. oldsters will peek over a child’s YouTube video history and block specific videos or channels on the video platform.

Smart Schedule

This is essential in any parental management app. With a sensible Schedule, you’ll be able to set time to make a decision once and wherever to dam your kid’s device.

Real-Time Location and placement History

With location services enabled, you’ll be able to track your kid in a period of time and conjointly take a glance at the placement history.


Parents will add a geofence and receive notifications once your child enters or leaves the place.

Explicit Content Detection

FamiSafe’s express Content Detection can match text content to the company’s keyword library. Text that contains harmful keywords is uploaded to your phone to produce a secure web surrounding for your child. oldsters will connect SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

Suspicious Photos

FamiSafe’s advanced detector can scan for adult photos on your kid’s device. it’ll provide you with a warning to require a glance at a kid’s phone to visualize if it finds any adult content.

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